Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding Gifts – From Groom to Bride

Wedding Gift Guide from Groom to Bride

In traditional weddings, it's customary for the bride and groom to give each other gifts. Of course, this practice can be adjusted to fit the taste and style of any couple. The idea behind bridal gifts isn't to make a big deal or spend a lot of money – although you can certainly do that. Rather, the exchange of a wedding gift is intended as a token of love and affection, a private moment in the midst of the bigger celebration shared with family and friends.

Precious keepsakes

A classic bridal gift for her is jewellery that she can wear on the wedding day or for the reception. A gorgeous strand of pearls or a beautiful pair of diamond earrings, are both timeless choices that she will cherish, long after the ceremony.

Personal inscriptions really make wedding gifts complete. Consider engraving your initials, wedding date or another message inside pendants, earrings or bracelets with our range of personalised jewellery. A locket with your picture inside and a message of love engraved on the outside, is one of the most personal and sweetest gifts you could possibly give to your other half.

Another idea could be to locate or print out one of the first photos you took together as a couple and set it in a beautiful photo frame for something she will treasure for the rest of your married life together. For a touch of unexpected romance, consider framing a personalised map of place that is significant to you both. Other personalised gifts include glassware, candles and ladies accessories.

Home accessories

Home accessories can be a truly thoughtful wedding gift and a starting point to begin building your home and new life together. Other great gifts that initiate the same kind of sweet message include:

Make it sweet

For something truly sentimental, consider writing a handwritten card or poem that she will treasure for a lifetime, just because it came from you. If you've got the skills, write a song for her and even perform it at the wedding reception. You could also use your tech skills to put together a video about your relationship with a soundtrack featuring "your" songs. There's no law that says your bridal gift has to be serious or sentimental. Feel free to find inspiration in a private joke, favourite TV show or band or hometown sports team.

Exchanging gifts with your spouse-to-be is a sweet way to add something extra special just between the two of you. The real gift you'll be giving your bride on the big day is your heart.