What's my style?

What’s Your Jewellery Style? A Quiz

One way to identify what style of jewellery you'll most likely wear often and enjoy for years to come is to analyze your style preferences in other areas of your life – from what you wear to how you decorate.

Maybe most of the jewellery you own was given to you as a gift and as a result, you feel like your jewellery style is all over the map and maybe nothing in your jewellery box goes together well. Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut and want to try a new jewellery style but are nervous you'll make a bad choice and regret your purchase? Take this quick quiz to find out what style of jewellery is right for you.

  1. When you need a go-to jacket, you turn to your:
    • Classic trench/mac coat
    • Favourite coloured blazer
    • Cashmere wrap
    • Leather biker jacket
  2. For your job, you:
    • Travel a lot
    • Attend many formal meetings or give presentations
    • Work with your hands
    • Collaborate with a lot of creative people
  3. When you have downtime, you most enjoy:
    • Hiking or being outside
    • Curling up with a good book or movie
    • Painting or other creative activities
    • Shopping or dining at the newest restaurants
  4. When you go out for a night on the town, you always wear:
    • Something tailored
    • Cocktail dress or pencil skirt & blouse
    • Soft colours, flowy fabrics
    • Fitted jeans & comfortable heels
  5. If you could redesign your bedroom, it would be:
    • Monochrome and calm
    • Simple with a feature wall
    • Cheery and colourful
    • Cream or white with feature colours, mood lighting and paintings

Answer Key

You're a modern woman all the way through, look for geometric shapes and designs that reference the streamlined looks of the 1930s or iconic mid-century modern designs. In addition to bold necklaces and rings, bracelets made from various materials make a modern statement.
You love classic looks and maybe even lean toward styles with a preppy bent. Timeless jewellery designs like gemstones in solitaire settings and pearls may be for you. Classic pieces should feature clean lines and minimal embellishment. Look for simple pendants or lockets, strands of pearls, stud earrings and tennis bracelets.
You're romantic and maybe even a little bohemian. You look to the past and to nature for design inspiration. Make the retro look your own by choosing styles from various eras and cultures – from Victoriana to the 1970s and ethnic styles. Romantic styles typically feature more embellishment and colour, with nature motifs, encrusted jewels, delicate wirework, cameos and more. Layering necklaces or stacking bracelets or rings is a fabulous way to show off this look – just choose one area (e.g., bracelets) and keep it simple everywhere else!
You're all about the here and now and what's trending on the style pages. Take your cues from celebrities and style icons, but don't hesitate to go with your gut and choose what you love. Today, statement necklaces and fashion rings are hot, and brass, yellow and rose gold are making a strong comeback. One way to be smart about investing in an 'of-the-moment style' is to limit the number and overlap of pieces purchased. For example, don't purchase multiple coloured stone necklaces; instead, select necklaces and maybe some earrings that complement jewellery in metals that you already own (so that you'll be able to mix and match for a different look once the "trend" has moved on).

If you fall into more than one category, consider both styles i.e. mostly A's & D's and choose jewellery pieces that you feel will reflect your unique style and you'll enjoy wearing the most.