Metal Guide - How to care for Your jewellery

How to Care For Metal & Precious Jewellery

Whether you're caring for an expensive item, a special gift with sentimental value, or just your favourite piece, we all want to keep our jewellery looking as polished as the day it was purchased. Caring for your jewellery is important.

The great news is, at H.Samuel, we stock a wide range of quality, easy to use cleaning products, including sprays and wipes. Regular polishing of all gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other jewellery with a specialist spray and a soft cloth, will keep it looking shiny and pristine.

If your jewellery needs repairing, re-plating or polishing, you can bring it into your nearest H.Samuel store and ask for our repair service.

Rule of Thumb in Caring for ALL Jewellery

  • To prevent your metals, gemstones and pearls from scratching and tarnishing, keep your jewellery in individual boxes or soft pouches and store these in a cool, dry place.
  • As most metals will see surface damage when in contact with chlorinated water – it’s best to remove all jewellery when in the swimming pool. Titanium is the exception to this rule as it’s resistant to chlorine.
  • Keep all of your metal and gemstones well away from domestic cleaning products and avoid contact with things like perfume and hairspray.

Some extra tips …

Keep your Silver Sparkling

The best way to keep your silver jewellery looking great is to wear it, as this stops it oxidising with the air and tarnishing. If it comes into contact with water, dry quickly to avoid stains.

Yellow & Rose Gold Care

Yellow and rose gold should be kept in separate boxes or soft pouches to keep it from scratching. Avoid contact with soap, as it can give gold jewellery a dull appearance. This can be easily rectified by polishing with a specialist jewellery spray and a soft cloth.

White Gold Care

Most white gold items are enhanced with rhodium plating, giving a highly reflective white surface. Over time, this surface may lose some brightness; this happens less frequently on items such as earrings and pendants that don't come into contact with other hard objects when worn.
If you bring your white gold jewellery into any H.Samuel store, we can arrange for it to be re-plated for you at a minimal cost.

Platinum Protection

Although platinum is durable, whilst wearing your platinum jewellery, it's best to avoid carrying out heavy chores, sports and other activities where it may come into contact with hard surfaces.

Even though daily wear may leave an impression on the surface, over a period of time it creates a natural, desirable patina over the outer surface that doesn't impair the quality of your jewellery. In more severe instances where the jewellery is accidentally knocked, heavy marks can be removed by polishing.

Polished Palladium

Caring for palladium is similar to platinum; palladium also develops a natural and desired patina over time. A simple re-polish by a professional jeweller will have your palladium looking as good as new. It's best to keep palladium jewellery safe at home, when carrying out manual work or handling heavy machinery.

Stainless Steel

Keep stainless steel separately from other jewellery as its hardness can cause damage to other precious metals. Despite its strength, stainless steel is not indestructible so avoid wearing it for manual work or sports. To maintain its wonderful shine, it can be polished with a soft cloth and mild detergent or toothpaste can be used for stubborn dirt. Avoid contact with water and when polishing, clean along the grain of the metal.

Maintain the Glamour of Gemstones

Ruby, sapphire, topaz or amethyst – all gemstones are precious. The rule of thumb in caring for gemstones applies to all - for a quick clean, wipe the stones with a soft cloth. However, some gemstones need to avoid contact with soap, water and liquid cleaners as they can dull the radiant colour of gems and cause erosion - if you are unsure of what's best for your jewellery, ask a member of staff in store or read our gemstones guide.

Also avoid harsh chemicals including chlorine or detergents coming into contact with your jewellery, as they also may erode the stone and cause the colour to dull.

Precious Pearl Care

Pearls are delicate gems, organic and one of a kind. With a low resistance to heat, it's best to avoid contact with any chemicals and cleaning sprays or products - simply clean with a dry or damp cloth.

Pay close attention to your delicate pearls – if you wear your pearls a lot they will need restringing every year or so, so keep an eye out for damage and bring them along to see us if they need any special attention.