Chocolate by Petite Le Vian

Chocolate by Petite Le Vian

LeVian’s passion for fine jewellery and exotic gems stones spans centuries, from ancient royalty to today’s red carpet. Le Vian produce the world’s most beautiful and desirable jewellery, making them the fashion couture fine jeweller of choice.

Chocolate by Petite LeVian offers a delicious array of trendsetting pendants, earrings and rings featuring Chocolate Diamonds®, the natural colour diamond exclusive to Le Vian®, sweetly accented with Vanilla Diamonds®. No other company can make jewellery with Chocolate Diamonds®, meaning these pieces are both stunning and exceptionally special.

Designs are masterfully set in 14ct Strawberry Gold®, Vanilla Gold®, or Honey Gold®. Le Vian® gemstone designs feature Sea Blue Aquamarine®, ®Raspberry Rhodolite® and Chocolate Quartz®

Chocolate® by Petite Le Vian delicately balances the mastery of gem cutting and attention to detail, to bring a touch of royalty to everyone. Chocolate by Petite Le Vian offers elegant, timeless beauty infused with delicate simplicity, passionately designed with superbly cut gems for the stylish woman of today.

Le Vian, Love & Your Guarantee of Authenticity.

Chocolate Quartz Love is part of what makes Le Vian so special. Le Vian painstakingly ensures that the concept of LOVE is in every single piece they create. Love for beauty and quality can be found in every breathtaking piece within Chocolate by Petite LeVian. Le Vian provides a certificate of authenticity with every piece purchased. This is created by Le Vian and authenticates that your piece as a genuine original piece by Chocolate by Petite Le Vian, that the piece is hand cut & hand set, and that is only uses the exquisite genuine quality unique Le Vian gemstones. This will also feature your name as a wonderful symbol of your special purchase.

The exclusive Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds®

What are Colour Diamonds

Natural fancy colour brown diamonds are available from light to dark brown, in many hues and clarities. Chocolate Diamonds® are our original brand of natural fancy colour diamonds that are selected for thier rich chocolatey flavour and sold exclusively by Le Vian® In the year 2000, we recognised the beauty of Chocolate Diamonds® for their rarity and dark colour and created a campaign to brand them. Le Vian® is the originator of Chocolate Diamonds® and holds the regisitered trademark in countries all over the world.

Are all brown diamonds considered Chocolate Diamonds

To be branded as Chocolate Diamonds® these rare and natural beauties and need to rate between C4-C7 on the colour chart, have a clarity of SI or better, have chocolatey flavour, be within the top 5% of production and be sourced from Le Vian® Chocolate Diamonds® of 20 points of 20 points or larger are 10,000 times rarer than white diamonds.

How do Chocolate Diamonds® receive their beautiful colour

The colour of Chocolate Diamonds® is determined by the tremendous pressure they receive deep within the earth.

Where are Chocolate Diamonds® found?

Chocolate Diamonds® are mainly found in one mine in the world, the Arygle mine in Austrailia. Chocolate Diamonds® Strength of Colour

Le Vian® Gems

Chocolate Quartz®

Le Vian’s 2014 Gem of the Year, Chocolate Quartz® is the seductive, chocolate flavoured version of the genuine gem quality Quartz, the energetic gem with a heartbeat. Le Vian uses its proprietary cuts such as the Portuguese Cush’n Pillow™ cut to bring out the best in these indulgent gemstones. Chocolate Quartz® is one of only two gemstones in the world that have physical energy and is used to drive most of today’s Swiss Quartz timepiece movements.

Hard Candy Amethyst™

Le Vian’s sweet, translucent variety of Amethyst that is reminiscent of exotic hard candy memories of your childhood.

Neon Tangerine Fire Opal®

Le Vian’s Fiery Red™ Neon Tangerine Fire Opal® is found in only one mine in the world, in Mexico. To qualify as Le Vian’s brand of Neon Tangerine Fire Opal®, this “only faceted opal in the world” has to be translucent and have fiery neon characteristics and a rich tangerine flavour. As such, Le Vian limits its use to only the top 1-5% of the production from the only fire opal mine in the world.

Ocean Blue Topaz™

This genuine topaz from Le Vian brings forth memories of a vacation by the ocean. Each Ocean Blue Topaz™ is chosen for their depth of colour and clarity which is cut to perfection, exclusively from Le Vian.

Pomegranate Garnet™

Le Vian’s brand of Pomegranate Garnet™ is the sweet result of Le Vian’s search for the perfect pigeon blood red garnet in larger size, each faceted gem reminiscent of the enticing flavour of pomegranate.

Raspberry Rhodolite®

Le Vian’s Raspberry Rhodolite brand of garnet is a much rarer version of rhodolite garnet, named after the rhododendron flower. Raspberry flavoured and often cut with a 156 facet Portuguese cut with a checkerboard surface to maximize the refraction and reflection of these genuine, rare garnet gems.

Sea Blue Aquamarine®

Le Vian’s brand of genuine gem quality aquamarine is chosen specifically for its Baby Blues™ colour, clarity and the tranquil feel this gemstone evokes. This gemstone is from the Beryl family which includes emeralds and Morganite.