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Whether you’ve been best friends forever, met at work, or both swiped right, when you know, you know, and nothing should put those big proposal plans on the back burner.

9 March 2020 EDITOR - H. SAMUEL

Incredibly romantic, intimate, and endearing, it’s little wonder that more and more people are choosing to pop the question at home and, with so many different ways to propose at home to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. To give you all the inspiration you’ll need when planning for this momentous moment, we’ve hand-picked a selection of the best ways to propose at home. From the creative to the unique and the downright swoon-worthy, we’ve got you covered.

Home proposals and why they’re great

From deciding when, where, and how to propose, to finding their dream engagement ring and thinking about what to say, planning the perfect proposal is a nerve-wracking but undoubtedly exciting experience.

Home proposals have always been a popular choice and for a good reason. You might be surprised to hear that an intimate home proposal has always been the second most popular location to pop the question. So, whilst you may have dreamt of getting down on one knee on an exotic sandy beach, don’t think for one second that proposing at home means sacrificing the romance. In fact, it could even enhance it.

Not only are home proposals extremely intimate, creating a romantic moment that you’ll both treasure forever, but they also allow you to plan something thoughtful and highly personal. So, whether your husband or wife-to-be would love an elaborate proposal where you pull out all the stops, or something a bit more low-key, a home proposal offers a whole host of options.

How to propose at home

Home proposal or not, once you’ve decided you’re ready to take the next step, the first thing you need to do is find the perfect ring! If you’re still on the hunt, browse our impressive collection of engagement rings online today, and discover everything from classic solitaires to sparkling cluster designs, and even unique gemstone rings. With something to suit every taste and budget, you’re sure to find their dream design.

When it comes to how to propose at home, the first thing to remember is there is no right or wrong way to do it. However, the best home proposals are always the ones that clearly show you’ve given some careful consideration to what your partner would love. Whether it’s a glamorous surprise surrounded by candles, or a cute proposal over breakfast in bed, prioritising what would make them happy will ultimately help make it even more meaningful.

Personalising the proposal will also earn you a few extra brownie points and may even result in some happy tears from your other half. For example, consider popping the question on the anniversary of a date that has significant meaning to you both, perhaps the day you first met, or the first time you said, ‘I love you’. You could even include some private jokes or phrases in your proposal speech or get personal with your soundtrack by playing songs that have a special meaning to you as a couple.

If possible, try and sneakily set up a camera to capture the moment as a keepsake to enjoy in years to come. It’s also worth giving some thought to how you’d like to celebrate after the big moment, whether that be opening a bottle of champagne or having a few friends or family on standby for a group video call or surprise get together.

The final thing to do is settle on a proposal idea that’ll take your partner by surprise and show them just how special they are. In case you need a little inspiration, read on for our top romantic, creative, and unique ways to propose at home.

Romantic ways to propose at home

1. Romantic dinner date for two

A timeless classic for a reason, you can’t go wrong with a romantic dinner date proposal. You could recreate the meal from your first date, a restaurant meal you both adore, or even order the ultimate takeaway from a fancy restaurant. Spend the meal reminiscing about your favourite memories together and, when the time is right, get down on one knee and ask that all-important question. Or, for a playful twist, carefully position the ring on top of a dish or serving tray and then sit back and wait for the ‘O.M.G’ moment!

2. Candlelit proposal

For the ultimate wow-factor home proposal, ask your partner to get dressed up for a romantic surprise and to meet you downstairs at a particular time. Whilst they are busy pampering, transform your kitchen or living room into the perfect romantic spot by decking it out with candles, petals, and balloons. Adjust the lighting to give you the perfect ambience, put on a romantic playlist and pop a bottle of their favourite fizz. When they come down, be waiting with the ring to really take their breath away. You can even have your camera set up to capture the whole moment on video.

3. Breakfast in bed

It may sound simple, but it's sweet, intimate, and incredibly endearing, and therefore guarantees romance in abundance. Simply get a tray and dress it up with flowers, champagne, and their favourite breakfast in bed treats. You can either keep hold of the ring until the time is right or hide it under a dish or coffee cup and wait for what is sure to be a priceless reaction.

Creative ways to propose at home

1. Treasure hunt proposal

This playful idea is one of our favourites and is sure to make them feel extra special! Position the first clue by the front door or somewhere that you know they won’t miss, like on the fridge, or stuck to their laptop screen. Then, set up a series of other clues or riddles about unforgettable memories, important dates, or private jokes you’ve shared - the more you tailor it to you as a couple, the better it’ll be. For the final clue and the treasure itself, either have your partner find the ring box or be waiting in the last location on one knee.

2. Home cinema experience with a twist

Snacks, candles, cushions, blankets…what’s not to love! And better yet, you’ve got total control over what’s on the big screen. They’ll think they’re sitting down to a movie and you’ll surprise them with a film or slideshow of all your favourite photos, videos, and memories together. They’re sure to be feeling the love by the time the credits roll. You could even end on a picture of you, down on one knee, holding the ring box, then it’s over to you to pop the question.

3. Picnic proposal

If you have a garden, setting up a picnic on a sunny afternoon is a lovely and memorable way to pop the question. Plan a romantic picnic hamper filled with all their favourite goodies and drinks and set up a blanket and comfy cushions. You can even decorate to make it as simple or as elegant as you like, then sit back, relax, and wait for the perfect moment.

Unique ways to propose at home

1. Include your children or pets

Involving your children or pets can make for a fun, joyful proposal. If you have kids, ask them to hold up a ‘will you marry me’ sign, or consider printing the words on a t-shirt. Or, for furry friends, attaching the ring to their collar is a playful and super cute proposal idea.

2. Recreate a holiday

Perhaps there is a trip you’d planned to take, or maybe you were on holiday together when you realised that your partner was the one. Regardless, an evening that transports you both to that place would be very touching, from recreating the food, music, drinks and decorations, you can really have some fun with this unique idea.

3. Photoshoot proposal

If your partner is a big fan of the selfie, a photoshoot proposal could be the perfect surprise. Pick a stylish background because, let’s face it, this picture is going to be one you cherish and then set the camera up on a self-timer and keep it snapping away. After a few shots, pull out the ring and capture their reaction in all its glory.

We’re here to help

At H.Samuel, we love nothing more than playing a small part in so many peoples’ love stories, and we hope this guide has given you lots of ideas to help with your at-home proposal planning. The most important thing to remember is that there isn’t a ‘best way to propose at home’. Every couple is different, and ultimately, it’s all about working out what would mean the most to you as a couple.

If you need any help or advice along the way, whether it be finding the perfect ring or helping you get to grips with jewellery terminology, you can count on us. Book a free virtual or in-store appointment with one of our friendly experts, who’ll be more than happy to help. Or, if you need to brush up on your diamond or jewellery knowledge, our Engagement Ring Buying Guide is a great place to start. You’ll also find many helpful tips on our Style Notes Blog, including our top 5 things to consider before proposing and some great tips on how to choose a unique engagement ring.