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Angel Whisperer pendant


Jewellery used to be an afterthought; something you’d throw on last minute to complement your already scene-stealing sequin dress or velvet jumpsuit. In 2022, though, it’s the main event. And what better time than the new year to update your jewellery box with new-in additions to go out-out?

05 January 2022 Editor - H. Samuel

Happy new year! What better way to start 2022 than treating yourself to an updated jewellery box? Now, everyone is familiar with the staple status jewellery pieces. Necklaces. Earrings. Bracelets. Check, check and check. But what happens when these must-haves get a serious glow-up? From empowering stones and sentimental symbols to easy-to-wear diamonds and Quality Street coloured gems, fashion lovers are giving their jewellery a much-needed makeover this year. And, like the icing on the cake, we’re here to layer on the colour and stack on the sparkle to your everyday pieces with the help of some of the best brands in the industry (Ania Haie, we’re looking at you). Keep scrolling for four types of jewellery the style-set are saying yes to right now—and you will too.

Be more sparkly: diamond jewellery

A sprinkling of diamond jewellery is just as important to everyday style as blue jeans and a white tee. Actually, it’s even more versatile and can be worn for a Zoom call just as well as for cocktails. Hands down, diamonds are one of the easiest ways to elevate any look, especially when combined with other coloured stones.

If there’s one collection you should reach for this year, this should be the one. Inspired by the sky’s guide, our Find Your North Star collection has a starred talisman pendant that bestows its wearer with luck, prosperity and protection. And with green malachite (said to bring unconditional love), calming sodalite or soothing mother-of-pearl, to choose from it makes it an easy way to wear something meaningful. Best of all, these pieces are designed to be layered, so you can go for more than just one. Basically, thanks to its colour and meaning, this collection takes even the simplest of LBDs to the next level, which is ideal for those short on time (and for those looking for easy styling tips). Think of it as the aforementioned white tee. We’d never be seen without it.

Be more colourful: gemstone jewellery

Curious to know what the celebs and fashion editors will be wearing this year? Our guess is a meaningful gemstone or two or three – the look is impactful (and empowering) especially with a plunging neckline. Coloured stones are having a major moment and now, more than ever, in this new virtual world, jewellery is a form of expression and style, and that’s just what this trend is giving us. With brands like Angel Whisperer leading the way with their quirky designs and significant stories. Plus, it gets bonus points for its personalised capabilities. Self-expression 101: If you’re looking for natural healing properties, try pink quartz. For all-out health and balance, blue agate is your go-to. Or is protective malachite more your colour? If you err on the maximalist side of jewellery, this collection is for you. The guardian angel of accessories, Angel Whisperer is the easiest way to add a bit of dimension to your look or bring out the flecks of green in your eyes.

Turn up the WOW factor: statement jewellery

Gold necklaces will always be a staple, but symbolic motifs are proving trendy right now. Whether you’re a minimalist and opt for simple pieces or a maximalist who embraces bold looks, this is a jewellery trend for you. Combining delicate designs with statement symbols, Ania Haie’s Compass collection will help you navigate 2022 in style. Heirlooms in the making, this celebrity and style-set favourite, is a statement yet simple way to wear meaningful jewellery. And because of its delicate design, it can be layered and stacked, so you can wear as much of it as you want. Plus, you can’t take a wrong turn with gold-plated mother-of-pearl, right?

Be more functional: smart watches

Whether you like it or not, it's that time of year when literally everyone seems to be talking about how they can improve themselves (and their lives in general) in 2022. And although we think self-care is something we can do any time or season, we also appreciate the can-do spirit of the new year, and the goals that come along with it. Whether your resolution is mental, physical, spiritual, or (yes) wardrobe-related, we think resolutions can only ever be a positive thing. With that in mind, if like us, you’ve resolved to be healthier, then give it a positive kickstart with a Garmin smart watch. The easiest (and least expensive) way into the world of exercise, this mini personal trainer has the power to make you fitter, healthier, and more organised (without breaking the bank). Smart watches work for every situation, from a casual run to a major marathon. Scroll for options that will make sure this is one new year’s resolution you’ll actually keep past January 17th.