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Bella Hadid wearing Michael Kors Jewellery


Party season may be over for another year, but luckily for you, we’re ones for sparkle all year round – even in January (especially in January). You’ll know it’s surprisingly hard to get the luxe look of diamonds at accessible prices. Enter Michael Kors sparkly pieces of joy…we’re obsessed.

11 January 2022 Editor - H. Samuel

We don’t know if it’s the start of a new year, but we’re in a fancy mood. Maybe because it’s January and the winter slump has kicked in or perhaps it’s that dressing up – just because – has taken on a new sense of joy, and rather than complain at the effort, we’re now embracing it.

Yes, dusting off your favourite LBD is a huge part of that. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that one of the easiest ways to take a fit from zero to hero is jewellery. Adding a little sparkle goes a long way: add a bracelet stack and sparkly earrings to said LBD and you could be on your way to the Oscars – invite pending. Sadly, (unlike the women who walk the red carpet) we’re not on a gifting list for the world’s most precious diamonds.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back – and an eye for style – and while it can be fun and games to keep a keen eye on celeb couture ball gowns and six-figure jewels, it’s even more of a thrill to discover them in items we can actually attain. Like when we spotted Bella Hadid in easy-to-wear-every-single-day, spot-on fashion finds from Michael Kors. And you’ll be pleased to know that these designs come in at under £200.

The latest drop is an utter delight, featuring the Kors MK and Kors Brilliance collections – the clue is in the name – the pieces shine brilliantly, expertly capturing the essence of a jetsetter lifestyle.

On hand to quench our sparkle thirst more than ever before, our inner magpie is obsessed with these sparkly pieces of joy. A finely tuned collection of sterling silver and gold-plating that adds that all-important exclamation point to any fit. We’re talking necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings covered in sparkling cubic zirconia. That basically means you get all the desired sparkle of diamonds without the usual price tag you’d expect. The best bit? Designed to go beyond just fashion, they’re as on-trend as they are timeless. Plus, if it’s good enough for Bella, it’s good enough for us, right? Curious to see more? Keep scrolling. Just be warned, compliments incoming.

Michael Kors hoop earring

Strong ear game

Style notes: You simply can't have too many hoops or easy-to-wear studs in your jewellery box. Stay on-trend with MK's studs that stand their ground, always-in hoops and the hearts that we know you'll love.

We know that the curated ear look is very much on everyone’s mind (and lobes). But Michael Kors is always one to be ahead of the curve and if it says these are the next must-have, we’re here for it: Large-scale studs that give full lobe coverage for a real solo statement. Plus, the all-over stones create texture for a very 2022 jewellery look. Why not change it up a bit with a surprising shape – hearts are this season’s number one go-to for sentiment.

We've never met a pair of hoop earrings we didn't like. And while hoops, in general, are always popular, twists on the much-loved classics, like all-over sparkle, makes these earrings feel very special — they’d easily take you from day to night. These are the best statement earrings to add to your jewellery box now. Scroll to see what we mean.

Michael Kors bracelet

Arm candy

Style notes: Say bye-bye to bare wrists with bold bangles and dainty bracelets. We’re a sucker for chain bracelets, but the addition of charms and sparkling stones? Yes, please. The ideal way to dress up a sleeve.

Outfit lacking a certain je ne sais quoi? Solution? A simple bracelet (or two, or three). Layer them over the cuffs of your tops to show them off and you’ll quickly notice how these pieces seamlessly transition from the busy streets of London to wherever you're jetting off to for your winter vacay.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a chunky bracelet as much as the next jewellery lover. But Michael Kors has introduced a different type of arm party that’s caught our eye: delicate bracelets designed to be worn every day. Well-styled arm stacks are nothing new – but when worn on their own or layered together, these styles feel fresh. And the styling opportunities are endless. Just what the busy city-dweller needs. With 2022 underway, we think it's time to upgrade our collection…

Michael Kors necklace

Layer up

Style notes: We love the layering look (mainly because it means you don’t have to choose just one necklace). Mix and match chains, delicate charms and look-at-me pendants for up-to-the minute style.

You'll likely have a selection of chains you wear day in, day out. You know the type we mean: the ones with the power to transform any outfit. Everything from a white tee to your favourite LBD. But let’s be honest: can you ever have too many everyday necklaces? If you’re asking us, the answer is no. Indeed, these statement pieces from Michael Kors can be worn solo but they’re also delicate enough, should you prefer the fine, layered look.

Nothing looks quite as effortless as a white cotton shirt worn unbuttoned at the collar with a gold pendant necklace peeking through. In case you’re in the mood to update your jewellery box for the new year, scroll to see our faves.

Michael Kors watch

Watch out for compliments

Style notes: As self-confessed watch addicts, we can’t get enough of the pair-with-anything-and-everything pieces from Michael Kors. Whether you prefer polished gold or silver or a mixture of both, these classic styles combine up-to-the-minute trends with heirloom quality.

As we develop our own sense of style, there are certain wardrobe essentials that we start with and build on over the years. Topping that list is a classic watch. With our mobiles so readily available day-to-day, it’s easy to put your watch on the back burner––but take it from us, leaving it in the depths of your jewellery box means you’re missing a valuable style hack: an eye-catching watch adds serious glow-up.

Watches are a lot like rings: if you wear them, you probably rarely rake yours off. And, if you're a watch wearer, then you'll likely agree that you always have a go-to style over any others in your jewellery box. But while you may play favourites, make sure it’s working hard for you. Try styling yours layered with delicate bracelets or worn solo on an otherwise bare arm for a statement, yet classic look. Scroll for our MK must-haves.