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Ruby necklace, ring and earrings.

July Birthstone, This Month We’ve Fallen in Love with Ruby

Ruby gemstones are all about passion, so it’s no wonder we are head-over-heels for the July birthstone. Here’s what makes ruby gemstone jewellery so loved-up…

24 February 2020 H.Samuel - Editor

Dorothy had her ruby slippers, but we'd rather have a ruby gemstone. It's the stone of love, energy, passion and power and has a reputation for good luck.

What many people don't know is that ruby is the sister gemstone of sapphire. Both gems are types of corundum, so ruby literally means 'red corundum'. This is great for jewellery lovers, because corundum is hard and durable. The only gemstone that's tougher is a diamond.

The very best rubies are sometimes called 'pigeon’s blood' because of their deep red colour. Ruby gems were once believed to offer protection and help warriors return to their loved ones in one piece. Some ancient cultures even thought that rubbing a ruby onto the skin could have an anti-aging effect.

Rubies are found across the world, but they are amazingly rare. In the world of coloured gemstones, they are some of the most valuable. Actress Eva Longoria has a ruby and diamond engagement ring that is beautiful enough to make anyone swoon. Rumour has it that David Beckham has given his wife Victoria a whole jewellery box full of engagement rings during their marriage. One of them is a lust worthy oval ruby ring surrounded by white diamonds.

You are probably drawn to ruby gemstone rings if you're a Cancer star sign (June 22 - July 22). The earliest rubies were worn as talismans of life and energy and this suits the artistic vibes of a person born under the Cancer sign.

Our July birthstone collection celebrates this oh so royal gemstone with stunning designs. Now all you need is the perfect ruby red lipstick to match.