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Once a major fashion faux pas, now a super styling statement, mixing your jewellery metals is the coolest way to be seen this summer. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, here’s our styling guide on how to start mixing and matching metals with confidence.

02 August 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

We adorn ourselves daily with loads of jewellery (if you're a maximalist) and stacks of daintier pieces (looking at you, minimalists), so chances are you’ve followed a rule or two about how exactly to wear it. But let’s be real: These rules are often so constrictive that they cramp your personal style, rather than improve it. Think about it: Every time you’ve really noticed someone’s outfit, it’s probably been because it stood out—and often, this means breaking rules.

One such rule is mixing your jewellery metals. Once fashion’s biggest no-no is now a must-do. A fusion of (yellow and rose) gold and silver has been spotted all over the runway and should make its way to your jewellery box, too.

Mixing metals can feel daunting at first, (especially if you're a one metal kind of person) but it's a great way to build a unique look. So, the next time someone says you can’t pair pink with red, wear double denim or put gold and silver jewellery together, you can tell them that these rules were meant to be broken.

The mixed metals mantra

There’s no longer such thing as a gold OR silver look. Now, your fave pieces can hang out together, creating a cool mixed combo. The key to achieving it is, simply, knowing how. Yes, there is a method to the mixing. And that’s where we come in. To help you really dive into this rule-breaking challenge, read on to see our styling tips for how to create your very own combinations of yellow gold, rose gold and silver. Ready? This is going to be fun, so keep scrolling to throw all caution to the wind.

It’s all about creating balance

The trick is to mix your metals in all different locations to give a balanced look. For example, it might look odd if you wear all gold earrings and necklaces, but your bracelets are silver. Instead, we recommend choosing a mix of silver and gold across all pieces ensuring a balance across your entire look. Aim to mix naturally — there's no need to follow a pattern. And if you're a beginner? Start with two finishes like silver and yellow gold and go from there.

Size matters

The size and shape of your pieces will have a direct impact on your mix and match look. Have a dainty addiction? Stick to delicate pieces. They are also inherently subtler to play with, so this is a good place to start. But, if you like to go big and bold, then make a statement by mixing chunkier pieces in different finishes to make an impact. Either way, we recommend starting with your favourite focal piece then accent it with plainer pieces in similar sizes (chunky or delicate) in other colours for a polished finish.

Don’t be afraid to pile trends on trends

We’re huge fans of earring stacking and necklace layering, and we love how a combination of gold and silver promises to take your stacks to the next level. The earring stack is an easy way to mix metals as the pieces are so dainty. For example, mixing huggies and studs makes the perfect everyday look, while larger hoops in different coloured metals are an eye-catching accent for going out vibes. You can even mix metals within individual pieces—and if that’s not proof that gold and silver were made to be worn together then we don’t know what is.

Right now, stacking is all about the layered necklace trend which is perfect for trying your hand at mixing metals. After all, layering silver and gold chains is a look everyone can master — just remember the rule of three (three lengths, three weights and three different links) and you’ll have an Insta-worthy look in no time. Or, if you’re already a layering pro, then try adding a pendant for a statement focal point (more on this below).

Pick a pendant (or stone)

Before you start mixing, have a look in mind — especially if you're weaving gemstones or pendants in. After all, using different colour tones, like silver, yellow and rose gold, is a great way to accentuate diamonds and add depth and texture to your jewellery. When mixing metals, it's a good idea to stick to one gemstone colour or one pendant to pull the look together. Top tip: Don’t be afraid to be playful, confident, and bold with your choices. Experimenting with different metals helps to curate your own personal style — make sure your pieces reflect you.

Go bold, go gold (and silver) with H. Samuel

Whether you’d rather go delicate or chunky, subtle or statement, there’s something for everyone thanks to the magic of mixing metals. Keen to start mixing it up? Browse the full collection of yellow gold, silver and rose gold jewellery online.