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Coloured gemstone rings


As we approach the light at the end of a dark, pandemic-infused tunnel, there’s undoubtedly a feeling of joy in the air, and what’s better than coloured gemstones to radiate the optimistic mood of the moment? From sapphires to rubies, here's what you should be wearing and why…

25 August 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

Even in the midst of the Wall Street crash and the Great Depression, the energetic glamour of Art Deco reigned during the 1920s and ‘30s, where oversized, over-the-top jewels offered a colourful and flamboyant escape from the surrounding doom and gloom. The parallels with our own pandemic-infused era have not been lost on the buyers here at H. Samuel, who have channelled the decadence and eye-catching splendour of coloured gemstones into a collection of radiant rings that have a distinct vintage flavour (and cry out for a cocktail to match).

Sure, they go with your Blue Lagoon, but these special stones are as sentimental as they are sparkly. A cheering celebration of dressing up once again, they reflect the moment we’re living in, and this moment calls for splendour, optimism, happiness and hope. Rainbow-hued jewellery is bringing light to lockdown, so we’ve matched stones to personality type, so you can find out which one is a bit of you. Whether you're into their meaning or just want to lend your ‘going out-out’ look some colour, read on to find out which gem is your spirit stone.

An optimistic outlook

As always, the fashion pack are the first to incorporate this symbol of optimism into their style. But it’s not the #instarainbowchallenge (sorry, Zeena), that’s giving us the jolly vibes. From movie stars to musicians – women around the globe are choosing vibrant gemstones over colourless diamonds – just look at Lady Gaga’s pretty pink sparkler, proving they’re just as coveted as their more traditional counterparts.

It’s clear that a gemstone renaissance is fully underway. But why now? It’s simple really, as we emerge into a new world, the optimistic nature of coloured jewellery is far more than just a fashion statement. This post-pandemic return to the vibrant Roaring ‘20s, sets a shining example that there are brighter days ahead. And, if there’s one thing upon which we can all agree, is that we’re ready for a good old-fashioned knees-up. A champagne-flowing, arms-around-each-other, dressed-up-to-the-nines party to celebrate having made it through. And what could call for a new frock and statement jewels more? Read on to find out about the rings that will get the party started (and lift your spirits).

What’s your spirit stone?

If, like us, you already have a birthstone obsession, then you’ll know what yours is. But what about your spirit stone? Prized for their beauty, a spirit stone is connected to your soul, each one has a different meaning that matches a personality type and is said to help the wearer in ways unique to the stone. So, which one are you most like? Perhaps you’ve got the positivity of an amethyst, or the playful nature of a sapphire. Maybe your chill vibes relate most to an emerald or your fiery side is best reflected in a ruby. Scroll down for our (slightly millennial skewed) guide to spirit stones.

Picking up good vibrations

As an amethyst, you promote a PMA; bad vibes be gone. You love personal connections; you communicate across four different messaging platforms (but have a heart attack if someone unexpectedly calls). You’re a natural tranquiliser, and your presence is calming, relieves stress and dispels anger. You’re a glass half full type; what do you expect from a name that means ‘a remedy against drunkenness’? We’ll drink to that.

In the name of love

Red hot rubies will give your love life a serious glow-up. Fiery and captivating, rubies don’t let anything get in the way of love. An aphrodisiac in human form, you bring vigour, loyalty and vitality to the table. But secretly, your jealous of Sleeping Beauty, not because of the prince’s true love kiss, but because she got to sleep.

Rock on

Sapphires see the big picture – you don’t have time for the details. Forever seeking spontaneity and freedom (lockdown was not for you). You believe life should be fun, full of good times and lived to the fullest; you’re a daily reminder to seize the day. The ultimate balancing act. You work hard. You play hard. TikTok is your media platform and you always have your camera on selfie mode.

The philosopher’s stone

A talisman of renewal, you can rely on emeralds to act as young as they feel. Peter Pan IRL, you’re forever young and believe better times are ahead. Emeralds are the glue that holds your girl gang together. You’re a fan of Harry Potter, avocado on toast, chai green latte’s and Lizzo. (We couldn’t think of a more appropriate spirit stone, to be honest).

Guardian angel

The stone that propels and protects through the hard times, look to opal as the ultimate self-love spirit stone. As an opal, you often daydream how much you'd help your friends if you were ever to get rich and you’re the admin of most Whatsapp groups. Opals are the Kylies to the Kendalls. The Rachels to the Monicas. The Thelmas to the Louises.

Gem of wisdom

As a topaz you make confident decisions, you’re empowered by the 10-10-10 strategy. Always on hand with gems of wisdom, you drink to good health and you feel guilty any time you spend not working. Oh, and a thumbs up is your favourite emoji.

Colour coded with H. Samuel

Getting an instant jolt of happy can be as easy as an impromptu coffee run or texting a bestie a random gaggle of emojis (just us?). We all have our smiley triggers, but there’s a universal one that works for everyone, and that’s colour, and wearing it via your jewellery provides plenty of peacocking mileage without going OTT. Make your return to splendour this summer and browse the full collection of coloured gemstones online at H. Samuel.