Christmas Engagement Proposal

Christmas Proposal Advice from H. Samuel

‘Tis the season! As well as the snowflakes, love is certainly in the air. The stage is set, after all. The twinkling lights, the family together, and if you’re lucky a dusting of frost on the lawn. So, are you ready to pop the question?

Christmas is one of the most amazing times to propose to the love of your life.

The possibilities of how to do it are endless. So, to help, we’ve gathered 10 of our absolute favourite ideas, in our Christmas Proposal Advice Guide.

Advice for the Best Christmas Proposal Ever!

But first, before we go into our top ten best Christmas Proposal ideas, you may have some questions regarding the gesture itself. Weddings and engagements are shrouded in all kinds of strange etiquette and traditions that we take part in, without actually knowing why. Quite often we get asked some common questions about proposals. Here are just a few.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Proposing

Why do you kneel to propose?

This is a very romantic action, in a kind of strange antiquated gender role sort of way. It actually doesn’t go back that far in history. It’s all about demonstrating a willingness to submit to all future needs of your partner. No one knows when or why it started. It could be from a religious stand-point, as people tend to kneel when they pray as a sign of respect and submission to a higher power. It could have been aligned with the battle tradition of submission to the winner of the war. Kneeling is also done by knights to their King or Queen. Or, by simply kneeling you can raise the engagement ring to just the right height for your betrothed to admire. There’s no one consistent explanation. However, it is the traditional pose for the proposer to take before they ask the ultimate question.

What knee do you kneel on when proposing?

When it comes to Christmas proposal advice, this is one that even Santa will have in his sack! If you are going to ask ‘will you marry me?’ on one knee, then it should be the left knee that’s on the ground. The right knee should be up. The ring box should be in your left hand and it should be opened with the right hand. Sounds like a game of Twister? Let’s face it, it’s the fact you’re asking that should count. So, if you get it all the wrong way, no one will notice.

How many couples get engaged on Christmas Day?

Because Christmas is such an emotional and romantic time, the season is certainly a very popular occasion to get engaged. Its difficult to count the exact number, but Facebook, who compile data from more than 2.5 million users, state that a third of all engagements in a year occurs between November and December. In another marriage proposal survey by hen and stag weekend tour operator Chillisauce, nearly 31% of people questioned said they would choose Christmas Eve as their preferred ‘pop the question’ date.

Can I propose without a ring?

Of course. It’s your own personal proposal moment, so whilst there are some traditions that you may want to incorporate in your engagement, there is no ‘wrong’ way to do it. However, you may want to have something to give to your loved one, as part of the proposal and then go engagement ring shopping together afterwards. A token ring, a note, or an ‘engagement ring shopping’ date in the diary may be just the golden ticket to the ‘yes’ you are looking for.

Top 10 Christmas Proposal Ideas 2019

Next in our Christmas Proposal Advice guide is some fabulous inspiration to make your Christmas proposal just that little bit more magical. The key is to make it as special and as memorable as you can. It could just be a simple and one-to-one gesture, or it could be wild and dramatic. Looking for some creativity? We are in the business of hearing some amazing stories as husband or wife-to-be comes looking for their ultimate dream engagement ring. How exciting. Remember, whatever the inventiveness of the occasion, they’re sure to say ‘yes’. And breathe!

  1. Christmas Gift Proposal

Ooh! Father Christmas has been! There are loads of beautifully wrapped, colourful parcels just waiting to be ripped open in a foray of paper and ribbon. Unwrapping pressies is so exciting and just the perfect opportunity to bury an engagement ring amongst the piles. The Christmas gift proposal is as classic as it comes. You could always bury the little box at the bottom of their stocking, amongst the golden coins and satsuma.

  1. Family Gathering Proposal

Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to get the family all together in one place and on one day. Christmas can be the perfect time as its when everyone tends to gather anyway, and you can keep the surprise. You may have a particular Christmas tradition that you could blend in your proposal, which can add to the sentiment of the event. For you it might be opening your presents on Christmas Eve, a morning walk on the beach, a game of Monopoly, or sitting down for the Queen’s speech. Perhaps try and propose before everyone has a post-dinner snooze?

  1. Christmas Gift Big Box to Small Box Proposal

Who doesn’t love gifts? For that extra element of surprise, buy your fiancé-to-be a series of presents; they don’t have to be too much or too extravagant. Make them thoughtful little ideas. Pop the wrapped ring small box into a bigger box with a present, then a bigger one with a present, and so on. Then watch, as they keep revealing until they get to the proposal prize.

  1. The Christmas Tree Proposal

Rocking around, the Christmas Tree! How about this year suggest going ‘shopping’ for a real tree from a Christmas Tree Farm? Take the afternoon off work and head out into the countryside. After a lovely pub lunch, pop the question whilst you are out picking the tree together. Year after year you’ll be able to cut down your ‘engagement anniversary tree’ and take it home to make happy memories together.

  1. The Christmas Lights Proposal

This Christmas proposal advice suggestion may need a few boxes of battery-powered twinkle lights. Dark winter nights lend themselves beautifully to this idea. Head out to the garden or park and write out ‘will you marry me’ with lights. Then take a little ‘fresh air’ walk, with pompom hats and gloves.

  1. An Advent Calendar Proposal

If you’re a bit handy with crafty bits and pieces, why not make an advent calendar for this year? Alternatively, purchase a nice chocolate or gift advent calendar as a gift. Every day they’ll open to reveal something lovely. Then of course, on the 24th day, you could hide the ring behind the door. Ta da! Make sure you’re with them for the moment they open it though

  1. A Christmas Cracker Proposal

A similar idea to the Advent Calendar proposal, is to use the traditional Christmas Cracker. This will certainly set your engagement off with a bang! Hide the ring in either a shop-bought cracker or homemade, perhaps with a little note with the question, or your best joke and party hat. Pull the cracker and if you win, get down on one knee and ask them to marry you. If they win, let them see the ring and be ready to ask. Just keep an eye out that the ring doesn’t go flying!

  1. Write it in the Snow Proposal

Let it snow, let it snow…oh please let it snow. Will it or won’t it? If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where it has or will snow, then this is possibly the most natural and beautiful scenery you could propose in. White, crisp and incredibly romantic, the perfect stage is set. Just simply write ‘marry me?’. If you live near a beach, then the sand is great for messages too. Snowed, but then disappeared before you got a chance to get outside; you could always scribe the question on their icy windscreen instead.

  1. A Christmas Market Trip Proposal

Nothing says romance quite like a mulled wine and a bratwurst sausage. Take a trip to the wonderful continental Christmas markets, or stay closer to home to soak up the atmosphere with the sweet smell of a gingerbread latte. Take a browse hand-in-hand amongst the wooden chalet stalls and then pop the question in front of the outdoor Christmas tree.

  1. A Christmas Eve Winter Walk Proposal

Why not build upon the anticipation and excitement that goes hand-in-hand with Christmas. Christmas Eve is full of happy expectation. Head out, with a flask of hot chocolate (or something warmer), hats, gloves and snug coats to enjoy a quiet moment together. Perhaps in a meaningful spot for both of you, somewhere with an amazing view, or a place that you’ve never been to before. Take a moment and then ask the question, with the ring in the wings of your pocket.

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Top 8 Interesting Christmas Proposal Fun Facts

Did you know…

  • There is actually a movie titled ‘A Christmas Proposal’? It was made in 2008 and stars Nicole Eggert, David O’Donnell, Tom Arnold and David DeLuise. Its about two lawyers fighting over a proposal to turn a quiet mountain village into a ski resort. Suddenly they realise they had been childhood sweethearts. Ahh, you can guess the rest!

  • MasterChef presenter John Torode and actor/writer Lisa Faulkner got engaged on Christmas Day in 2018.

  • According to recent surveys, 57% of women think their partner should get consent from their Father before proposing. However, around 70% of men wouldn’t ask for permission first.

  • Turns out it’s the ‘ring finger’ for a reason. Both the engagement and wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because once it was believed that a vein in that finger led directly to the heart. Reference - Wikipedia

  • Engaged at Christmas, thinking of a June wedding? You’re not alone. June weddings have been popular since Roman times. The Roman goddess Juno rules over marriage and childbirth, hence the popularity of this month (not just the better weather).

  • In Ghana, a proposal for marriage is a little different than that in the UK. Traditionally, a groom and a few family members go and knock on the bride’s family door and announce the intention for marriage. The bride has to be quick to choose her attire though, as this ‘knocking ceremony’ happens just a week before the wedding!

  • When do most men ask their future husband or wife to marry them? According to a survey by The Knot, 16% of all marriage proposals take place during the month of December – with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as the number one and two favourite days to ask the question.

  • Christmas can be an extravagant time. But don’t put off your engagement. Ever heard the ‘rule’ that an engagement ring should cost as much as three months’ salary? We’ll let you into a secret…there’s no hard and fast rule. The most important thing is you choose a ring that both you and your future fiancé fall in love with.