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Rose Gold Engagement Rings


Everyone from screen stars to sports stars are saying ‘yes’ to rose gold engagement rings. But what’s the attraction? Everything it would seem – just ask Blake Lively or Maria Sharapova. Read on to find out exactly what is the appeal of this pink-tinged, unsung hero.

27 October 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

For those who wear pink every day of the week (not just Wednesdays) you’ll be pleased to hear that the pretty hue, is the new yellow – or white – when it comes to engagement ring metals. That’s right – pink engagement rings do exist! Often viewed as more modern and romantic than its traditional counterparts, rose gold has skyrocketed as the metal of choice for that all important question. It may be on-trend, but the pink-tinged metal is far from being a flash-in-the-pan fad. But why has it become so popular?

When Blake Lively stepped out in a silky Chanel couture dress at the Chanel Bijoux De Diamant 80th Anniversary bash, all eyes were on the vast, solitaire-set oval pink diamond ring sitting on the fourth finger of her left hand. After a year of dating, Ryan had popped the question with the perfect engagement ring for the blonde beauty. As unique as the woman that wears it, the dazzling piece – coming in at a whopping 12 carats – is framed by a rose gold band that matches the stone perfectly and is covered in tiny, sparkling diamonds. If our favourite gossip girl has inspired you to go for a rose gold engagement ring as well, then read on to find out why it’s quickly become the metal to say ‘yes’ to.

Why choose a rose gold engagement ring?

Radiant like the dawn, rose gold is Vogue again. Mostly thanks to its unique colour – it’s a shade of pink, but it’s not too pink. Rose gold is the chic, grown-up option for those who might shy away from traditional bubblegum pink (much to Regina George’s despair). The magic comes from combining yellow gold and silver with a hint of copper to create the warm pink hue for a timeless, vintage feel. And, like Carl Faberge who first used the metal in the early 19th century in his one-of-a-kind Faberge Eggs, it makes for a unique choice that signals individuality and personal style. Not to mention, the warm hue complements virtually every skin tone, as it brings out its natural blush pigments. The allure of rose gold is clear, so, the next natural step is to find out which coloured stones complement this unique metal colour. Scroll down to find out.

Stones that complement a rose gold engagement ring

The best bit about rose gold is that it plays well with others. It’s the perfect companion for coloured gems which as it happens is bang on trend. Try adding a purple amethyst or blue sapphire for eye-catching style. Plus, since rose gold complements other tones so well, fashionistas can embrace the mixed metals trends by mismatching it with your other favourite pieces – so layer and stack away. There’s even nothing stopping you from pairing your rose gold engagement ring with a white gold wedding band for a totally unique style statement. Keep reading to find out our other favourite colour combinations.

Pink stones and rose gold

We can’t get enough of pink stone engagement rings, and though pink diamonds are the some of the rarest coloured gems in the world, there are some alternatives that are just as good. So, if you’re wondering what gemstone is pink – think morganite as a worthy contender. Known as the peachy heart stone, morganite bestows love by healing the heart. The gem is prized for its many varieties – and the kaleidoscopic depths of its one-of-a-kind colour combinations, from delicate pinks to dreamy peaches. It’s even believed, by the Ancient Egyptians, that its impressive variety of shades is a result of it breaking through a rainbow while pushing its way up to the earth. Scroll down to see what’s trending in the world of morganite and rose gold. (And, talking of coloured gems, you can see more sweet treats at our H. Samuel X Le Vian trunks shows running during October and December).

Diamonds and rose gold

As a jewellery specialist, we know a thing or two about diamonds. And one thing is for sure – a diamond is, indeed, forever. Believed by the ancient Romans to have tipped Cupids’ arrows, diamonds have a love story of their own. Today, they can be a part of your modern-day fairytale thanks to their irresistible (and unique) pairing with rose gold. What a combination. If you don’t do traditional but must have a diamond on your finger, then this is the perfect way to do it. Fusing classic and contemporary, it’s a great option for the modern bride and possesses the same sparkle as any other, but with a unique beauty all its own. So, all you need to concentrate on it shining bright like, well, a diamond (see below for the ones that are trending right now).

Choosing a rose gold engagement ring style

What makes an engagement ring the one for you? It’s a question that faces all brides-to-be and is never more pressing than when choosing (or subtly hinting at) your preferred style. It may seem obvious, but it’s the one that reflects your own distinct personality, that speaks to your unique style, the one you’ve always dreamed of.

It could be a classic, with a big, coloured stone plopped on top (looking at you Kate Middleton); it could be a Meghan Markle-inspired trilogy ring; it could be a stand-out solitaire, which has made a notable comeback (thanks in the most part to Chrissy Teigen). It could even be a slightly quirkier iteration of an emerald, princess, marquis, or rose cut (like Lilly Collins); or it could be something totally wild, totally nutty, that speaks to the two of you in a language only you two understand (much like Emily Ratajkowski’s Toi et Moi engagement ring).

So, whether you’re waiting on that big question or far from it, what’s the harm in having an ogle at some of the most popular styles for the upcoming year?. Scroll down to find out what’s trending in rose gold engagement ring styles.

How much are rose gold engagement rings?

If, right about now, you are feeling overwhelmed by this vast plethora of choices, in every price point, style, stone, and setting, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there is an enormous variety of good, better and best rose gold engagement rings at H. Samuel. Choosing rose gold is about more than the price tag, it is driven by a desire for distinctiveness, uniqueness, style and what’s perfect for you. Of course, the price will vary depending on the stone, setting and karat, and part of the beauty of shopping at H. Samuel is that there’s a style to suit everyone – whatever your budget. If you’re ready to start shopping or just want to browse, check out the full collection of rose gold engagement rings online.