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Top Five Proposal Ideas

Popping the question is a big deal, especially when it's on the most romantic day of the year. So, as your bridal bestie, we’ve scoured the best ways to make sure you get that Valentine's proposal right. From the simple and sentimental, to the unexpected and fun, read on for the five best proposal ideas we’ve come across. Even better? The engagement ring style to suit every single one.


How nailing the proposal might just help seal the deal

Proposal season – aka Valentine’s Day – is upon us, and with it comes the nerve-wracking planning around popping the question. Stumped on how to do it? A lot of people are. Put your own spin on one of these five creative (and totally non-cheesy) proposal ideas. Whether you want to do it in a simple but unique way or you're ready to organise a surprise with drum rolls, there's something for everyone. Plus, to help you seal the deal, we’ve gone the extra mile and suggested an engagement ring style for every type of proposal. Well, what are bridal besties for?

Our top five proposal ideas

From nailing the perfect ringfie to telling your family via Facebook, it’s safe to say, the digital age has changed engagement etiquette forever. But when it comes to seeking out the very best proposal ideas, even the most Gen Z of couples are captivated by the tradition of proposing.

For the generation who came up with prom-posals, scroll down for ideas that are all about flexing your creativity, flamboyant extravagance, and often, much more OTT than just getting down on one knee.

Pear engagement ring

Restaurant proposal ideas

From our favourite restaurant to our go-to brunch spot to vibe at the weekend. If there’s one thing us millennials like to do is eat well.

Foodies at heart, our evenings and weekends are taken up with bottomless brunching or sampling the best green smoothies.

And as professional brunchers, what better way to propose than over a pancake stack? Whether piled high and stodgy, American style, or mixed with buckwheat and topped with ricotta, combine it with a dazzling diamond pear ring and you’re reaching perfection.

For extra measure, consider looping in Tony the barista and ask him to write it on their cup and add heart latte art.

Outdoor proposal ideas

The list for outdoor proposal ideas is limitless. Choose your favourite outdoor spot at sunrise or sunset – where you met, where had your first date, where you first said ILY. A wooded wonderland, a lavender field, a pumpkin patch, would all make for the perfect alfresco proposal setting.

For anyone in London, there’s landmarks galore to choose as your backdrop. Begin your happily-ever-after with panoramic views at The London Eye, Tower Bridge or the Shard. Or, if your idea of the great outdoors is more countryside than cityscape, London is also ridiculously green – so much so that it falls under the UN’s definition of a forest. Yep, you read that right, a forest. From Richmond and Regent’s to Hyde and Holland, there’s no excuse not to get down on one knee amongst the birds and the bees in London’s parks. And for those with a flair for the dramatic you could create a seriously epic scavenger hunt. A trail of roses on a beach? Clues across town? A woodland trail? Not forgetting the pièce de resistance – a lavish proposal demands a look-at-me halo engagement ring.

Unique proposal ideas

Yes, a hot air balloon, a private plane, or hiring a skywriter are all larger-than-life proposals but are they unique? No, not necessarily. Unique to us, is personal, something that means something to the both of you and only you two. Don’t know where to start? Ask them after the last curtain call at your favourite play. (You could even add your own plot twist and get on stage).

For the stargazers, ask under the constellations; for the skiers spell it in the snow; for the beach lovers write it in the sand; for the thrill seekers ask them at the top of The Big One. Whether it’s the sky, sea, sand or wherever, choose somewhere unique to you. Speaking of unique, make the ring as one off as the proposal, with unusual shapes like the baguette and coloured stones that speak to their individual style. Engagement rings come in an array of shapes, sizes, styles and cuts, so extensive you better get your thinking cap on!

Want to propose without an engagement ring? Whether you're waiting to choose the ideal ring style with your S.O or prefer marking the romantic occasion with some heart-shaped jewellery instead, there are plenty of cute bracelets and necklaces that can be just as meaningful. Our favourite? This Chain of Hearts bracelet. Not only is it detailed with hearts and diamonds, but it also comes complete with a handy adjustable slide closure for the perfect fit. No more sweating about ring sizes before you ask that all-important question.

Home proposal ideas

Home is where the heart is, right? A simple home proposal can often be the most meaningful. And your wife, husband, or partner-to-be? Well, they’re the low-key type that doesn’t vibe with a grand public display of affection or attention. But just because they don’t want a Kimye-esque ‘Please Marry Me’ sign flashed across a baseball stadium jumbotron; doesn’t mean they don’t want something special. This is a milestone moment, after all. You want it to be memorable. With that in mind, here are our suggestions to help you get your homemade proposal right. (Spoiler alert: start ordering candles.)

  • Make the home proposal-worthy – yes, that includes doing the laundry.
  • Build up the suspense – a pathway of candles will add some proposal pizazz.
  • Pop, fizz, clink – transform one room or space with a beautiful backdrop: flowers, more candles and a bottle (or two) of champagne should do it.
  • Cook – the evening doesn’t have to end once that stunning solitaire is on their finger. If Harry can propose to Meghan over a roast chicken, then you can do it over their favourite food, too.
  • And remember, just because the proposal is low-key – it doesn’t mean the engagement ring has to be. Scroll for standout solitaires that are anything but simple.

Fun proposal ideas

Perhaps spurred by the pandemic, the board game boom is in full swing as we’ve looked for new ways to socialise. If you’re a fan of playing games, get a custom made ‘Chance’ card so they get more than they bargain for when they advance to go and collect £200; Pictionary is ideal for a picture-perfect proposal and Scrabble, well that speaks for itself (literally). For a ring that slots perfectly into place with a coordinating wedding band, go for a two-piece bridal sets that fits like a jigsaw.

Planned the perfect proposal, but still on the hunt for the perfect ring? Don't worry, we're always on hand to help. After all, it's a piece of jewellery that you're likely to wear forever, so it's important that it looks and feels right. Simply visit us in-store or book a virtual appointment with one of our friendly style experts to go through everything from the cut of diamonds to engagement ring styles in more detail.