The Best Proposal Ideas for Winter

Dark nights cuddled up on the sofa, flickering candles filling the room with warming scents, crisp leaves on a bright sunny day. Winter can be very romantic, perhaps even the perfect time to pop the question. Read on for some warming winter proposal ideas you might just like to try.


Proposing to your other half is a huge moment and you’re probably anxious to get it right. Well, firstly, don’t worry too much. We’re sure your other half feels exactly as you do and will say yes whenever, wherever. But of course, you want to plan the perfect proposal, who doesn’t? But is winter a good time to propose? It would certainly appear so.

While we know most weddings take place in the summer months, of all the seasons, winter is the most popular time to pop the question, particularly around Christmastime. So that’s where we’re going to start.

Christmas Proposal Ideas

If you want to propose around Christmastime, try to stick to all your usual traditions to keep them off the scent. If you’ve always opened a present on Christmas Eve or exchanged new PJ’s, this could be the perfect opportunity to surprise them with a stunning engagement ring they can proudly show off the following day surrounded by friends and family.

How to Propose in December

One of our favourite December proposal locations are the Christmas markets. There’s such a wonderful electricity in the air at Christmas markets, everyone is feeling festive, and the mulled wine is flowing. You can make it as intimate or public as you like. Choose a quiet proposal as you sit and watch the world go by together or get down on one knee in front of the central Christmas tree, the choice is yours.  If a Christmas market proposal isn’t ‘the one’, take a look at our Christmas Proposal Ideas blog for more inspo on proposing during the festive season. And if you want to avoid the busy Christmas period, let’s have a look at some other winter wonders to warm the coldest season of the year.

Is December a Good Time to Propose?

December can be a wonderful time to propose. With Christmas and New Year on the horizon, there’s joy, celebration, and love in the air. December comes with its stresses, we can’t deny that, but most people find the festive season to be an exciting and romantic time, and certainly a time where you really appreciate the people closest to you. A proposal on top of all the excitement and enjoyment of December may just be the cherry on the cake.

Should I Propose in Winter?

This is a great question and it’s important to consider your other half when thinking about the time of year you pop the question.

If they can’t stand the cold and they’ve consistently told you over the years that they don’t like winter or being outdoors during winter, an outdoor proposal when it’s 2 degrees centigrade might not be the one (and it might make them question how well you know them). When thinking about whether or not to propose in the winter, consider them first and plan for all eventualities such as rain or wind – especially if they’re fussy about their hair. It’s also vital to remember that when we’re cold our fingers shrink down so the ring might feel a bit loose.

If you’re keen to propose in the winter but your beau is not a fan of the cold, take them somewhere warm and cosy where there’s an open fire so they’re not shivering as they say yes and you get a true reflection on how well your chosen engagement ring fits. And if you’re not sure of their ring size, measure their finger whilst they’re sleeping using a piece of string – our ring size guide has all the sizing info you need.

Where to Propose in Winter

Winter weather can turn even the simplest of locations into romantic wonderlands. Here are some of our top winter proposal ideas and locations:

  1. Plan a romantic getaway to a snowy location such as a log cabin in the Scottish Highlands. Book somewhere with a hot tub and propose with the perfect solitaire engagement ring as you soak in the warm water and stunning views of nature.  
  2. Take your partner ice skating at an outdoor ice rink. As you glide hand in hand tell your partner why you love them and then find the perfect moment to drop to one knee and propose on the ice. Make sure your other half can ice skate first, of course.
  3. Take advantage of a Christmas lights switch on by planning a proposal during the display. As the lights dazzle the night sky, dazzle your other half with a stunning cluster engagement ring that gives off a sparkle from every angle.
  4. Create a cosy and intimate atmosphere at home where you’re both at your most relaxed. Snuggle up with your partner with warm blankets and hot cocoa or a glass of fizz, get the fire going and after sharing special memories, surprise them with a heartfelt proposal. This is perfect if you or your partner are particularly shy as the special moment is reserved just for you.
  5. Winter Picnic Proposal. Pack a basket with your partner's favourite winter treats and hot drinks. Find a picturesque spot, like a snow-covered park or a mountainous overlook, and have a romantic picnic. Make sure you take a suitable picnic blanket though, there’s nothing romantic about soggy jeans.  
  6. If you and your partner enjoy skiing or snowboarding, plan a proposal on a ski lift. Once you're positioned in a breathtaking spot with stunning views, present your ring and ask them to spend their life with you.
  7. A New Year's Eve proposal ensures you start the New Year with a momentous bang. You could even time the ten to one second countdown by listing things you love about them before replacing ‘Happy New Year!’ with ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Who could say no to that?

Tailor any of these ideas to suit your partner's preferences and create a truly unforgettable moment. Remember, the most important part of a proposal is making it personal and meaningful to your relationship.

Choosing the right ring is also going to be key to your success. If you’re unsure which style to go for, book an appointment with one of our in-store experts who can talk you through the different ring styles from vintage engagement rings to trilogy engagement rings and everything in between.

Once you’ve bought the perfect ring, you’re already halfway to the perfect proposal.