Sterling silver unicorn pendant and unicorn stud earrings

Little Jewellery Gifts For Big Personalities

If they’re 13 going on 30 you need a little jewellery gift with plenty of sass and just the right amount of style to keep them happy. Dive into our jewellery gift guide for the tween and too-cool-for-school teen in your life.

There’s a moment when they stop being a child and start being a tween that makes present buying a whole lot harder. Suddenly they’ve got a big personality, a little bit too much attitude and interests that span archaeology to aeronautics… it’s a gifting nightmare.

Fortunately, we’ve got young adult jewellery gifts and watches for teens that will get them smiling from ear-to-ear… and not because they’ve just masterminded their next prank! Take a look and feel inspired with our tween and teen jewellery gift guide:

Statement Slang 

It may have been ‘talk to the hand’ back in the day, but today’s teens seem to speak a whole different language! Get on their wavelength with word jewellery, like this statement pink enamel OMG pendant or the blue enamel LOL pendant, both in sterling silver. You can also get their name or favourite nickname immortalised in precious metal with a children’s name necklace that never goes out of style.

Teen Watches With Attitude 

Gift them something they can show off to their friends and use to be home in time for curfew. Our selection of great watches for kids includes Marvel Avengers, Spiderman and Star Wars characters and some Disney favourites too, including Beauty and the Beast and Anna and Elsa from Frozen.

If they’re that little bit older and want something more sophisticated, choose a single block colour watch, a classic Casio Baby-G or something with some age-appropriate sparkle, like this Tikkers children’s pink strap watch. If in doubt, go with their favourite colour from a trusted watch brand like Timex, Lacoste, Lorus or Tikkers.

Under The Sea 

From mermaids to seashells, ocean themed jewellery is having a moment. If you’re stuck for a gift, a little seahorse pendant or starfish pendant is guaranteed to win them over whether they’re 11 or 17. Plus, you can stamp out sibling rivalry by getting them all an underwater-themed jewellery gift or even a children’s diver style watch… now that’s the best way to win serious brownie points.

Flower Power Jewellery

Keep things simple, colourful and ageless with nature inspired jewellery for kids. Look out for flower power pieces that incorporate enamel and bright colour crystals or choose 9ct yellow gold jewellery for a gift that will last them well into adulthood if properly taken care of.

Children Enamel Pendants

Go Wild For Animal Jewellery

Ladybird necklaces, butterfly bracelets and flamingo pendants make perfect gifts for tweens and teenagers who are experimenting with a unique look, who said the animals need to be real? A mythical unicorn pendant is just what you need to match their rainbow-themed bedroom or tap into their love of fantasy fiction.

Fanciful Food

They may never know the words to Club Tropicana, but they can still get in the holiday spirit with our silver and enamel pineapple pendant and matching earrings. For a bit of extra sparkle, look out for the children’s silver, enamel and crystal cherry stud earrings and pendant, which you will definitely want to keep for yourself! For the Disney fanatic (who’s just a bit naughty) there’s the Ever After Disney Snow White poison apple pendant to bring out their mischievous side.

Harry Potter Themed Jewellery 

The magic of Harry Potter is completely timeless, which is why kids are still reading the books more than two decades later! If they are still waiting for their letter from Hogwarts, choose a gift from our Harry Potter jewellery collection, including Hedwig pendants, Ravenclaw stud earrings and Deathly Hallows pendants. If they’ve got a devlish streak, you can make a less-than-subtle point with a pair of Slytherin stud earrings!

Love Hearts, Lipstick and Kisses

Children’s heart shaped jewellery is always going to be a hit, especially for the little ones who are right on the cusp of tween life. If you’re grappling with a teenager who’s more interested in the latest make-up trends and YouTube superstars, indulge their passions with our silver and enamel lipstick pendant or silver and enamel red crystal lips stud earrings.

Magical Disney Jewellery 

You may need to do a bit of sleuthing to discover their favourite character, but once you do there’s a Disney jewellery piece waiting to make them smile. If they still harbour a secret love of Disney at 16, there are some lovely Disney-inspired pieces that won’t risk their cutting-edge reputation. Just take a look at the Disney Tinker Bell gold plated crystal pendant, or the sleek Minnie Mouse crystal heart pendant for inspiration.

Whether they’re making their own rules at 11 or striking out on their own at 16, there’s nothing like a piece of jewellery or a great watch to help express their blossoming personalities. Buying jewellery for tweens and teens can feel like a daunting task but get it right and you may spot that same piece in their collection 10 years later… your gift could become the sentimental keepsake they treasure forever.


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