Like a Dad to Me – Gift Ideas for Father Figures

Whether he's your stepdad, grandfather, or a fantastic uncle, it's time to celebrate the one who's been like a dad to you with the gift of jewellery. Read more at H. Samuel.


Someone who takes on the role of dad is a very special person indeed. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs a person can do, and to do this for someone who isn't your biological child shows great strength of character, kindness, and above all, love. So, celebrate your father figure this Father's Day.

Father Figure and Stepdad Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the father figure in your life. He doesn’t have to be your biological dad, he can be a stepdad, grandad, father-in-law or even your uncle or a close family friend. Father figures shape the people we become, and they totally deserve some love this Father’s Day.

What Makes a Good Dad?

He gets immense happiness from seeing his child or children happy, no matter their age. He’s proud of his kids and shows them warmth, love, and affection. Selfishness disappears and is replaced by empathy, care, and nurturing. He also sets boundaries and teaches his children to respect themselves and those around them. He stays calm when emotions or tension is high, and his example teaches his children to do the same.

He’s the one man they can depend on to always be there with a listening ear, a word of advice, or a tool kit that looks like it belongs on DIY SOS.

And he can be and do all these things whether he’s their biological father or not.

What is a Bonus Parent?

A bonus parent is a parent you weren’t born with, who comes into your family at a later stage and becomes so rooted in your life that they become like a parent to you. You might love them just as others love their biological parents and they, in return, love you back. A relationship with a bonus parent is something to be nurtured. They’ve chosen to love you like their own which is a special thing for both of you. And if you’re wondering whether or not you should spoil them this Father’s Day, the answer is yes.

If you’ve got an amazing bonus dad, there’s nothing stopping you from treating him to a heartfelt gift. An engraved gift such as a men’s watch featuring a special message will really take him by surprise. But if you’re looking for something a little more subtle or if your bonus dad is into his fashion, a men’s leather bracelet will add to his ‘cool dad’ wardrobe.  

Gifts for a Father-in-Law

The chances are, you won’t know your father-in-law quite as well as you’d know someone who has been in your life since your early years, so when thinking about father-in-law gifts, go for a safe option. Men’s watches never miss the mark, and with a range of designers to choose from, there’s something for every father-in-law. Whether he’s super active and needs something robust like a G-Shock watch, or his style is more traditional and suited to a classic brand such as Tissot, a watch is guaranteed to show him how happy you feel to have him as part of your extended family.

Gift Ideas for Grandad

If you’re looking for Father’s Day gifts for grandads, a special something he’ll treasure forever is a great place to start. Buying him a piece of jewellery and having it engraved adds a meaningful touch, whether it’s a watch or a classic signet ring, with our engraving service, you can make any piece totally unique to him.

Presents for Uncles

Whether he’s a father figure or not, a great uncle means a great time. If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing uncle in your life, this is one relationship you’ll truly treasure forever. As you get older, you’ll look back on your relationship with your uncle and realise how his presence in your life enhanced each passing year.

Uncles are often somewhere between a father and a brother. They’ll wind you up but protect you with all the fearsome force of a lion: your uncle’s allowed to get on your nerves but hell mend anyone else who upsets you! If your dad isn’t around but you have an uncle you look up to and love to bits, why not tell him what he means to you this Father’s Day? We guarantee it’ll mean the world to him. If you’re shopping on a budget, get some inspiration in our gifts selection for keepsakes he’ll love, many of which can be inscribed with a special message.

Should I Get My Stepdad a Father’s Day Gift?

It fully depends on your relationship with your stepdad. If you’re close and you want to get him something to thank him for being a great stepdad, then yes, choose a nice gift that’ll make his day. It might be that you’re on a budget, but even something small like cufflinks (especially if you get them engraved with his initials) will make him feel special.   

Gifts for a Stepdad on Father’s Day

Whatever the circumstances or relationship with your biological dad, if you have a stepdad in your life who’s always kept you in check, looked out for you, and made you feel safe, loved, and wanted, you’re very lucky indeed. The day-to-day care of a child is pretty intense. It can be exhausting and at times frustrating, it can be expensive and strenuous too. But he’s stuck around because it’s also rewarding and inspiring to watch a baby or child grow into an amazing youngster, young adult, and eventually a grownup. To be a part of that and watch someone grow, learn, and develop is a privilege, and he knows that – that’s why he’s still there by your side. If you’ve got a stepdad you’ve always been able to rely on, who’s always made you feel safe and loved – there’s no better time to show him your appreciation than Father’s Day.

Getting your stepdad Father’s Day gifts sends a clear message that you think of him as your dad. It’s the perfect time to tell him without having to get all gushy (if that’s not your thing).

The type of gift will depend on his taste, but quality jewellery that’ll last him a lifetime is a great gift. Fashion rules have changed so much over recent years and men are rocking jewellery as they did back in the 90s. And we’re so here for it. Demand for men’s jewellery has sky-rocketed, so why not keep your stepdad high in the fashion stakes with a chain necklace or stylish men’s bracelet?

If you’re looking for more traditional gifts for stepfathers, you’ll find something perfect in our huge selection of men’s watches. From Garmin to Calvin Klein, Seiko to Tommy Hilfiger, it’s hard to go wrong with a classy watch.

Is There a Stepdad’s Day?

While there is no official day to celebrate stepdads, Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate a special stepdad. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June each year and it’s a day to show how special and loved fathers are all over the world.

Stepdads may feel left out because they’re not biologically related to their stepchildren, but we know that being a dad is not about biology; it’s about the love and bond they share, regardless of their relationship.

How to Thank a Stepdad

You can thank your stepdad at any time of year with a heartfelt card, a nice text, or a gift to show him what he means to you. But if you’re a little shy, you don’t like sharing your feelings, or you worry he might feel a bit awkward, Father’s Day is the perfect time to thank him. With so many like-a-dad gifts and cards available at this time of year, it’s a great time to let him know you value him.

We hope this guide has helped you if you’ve been wondering what to buy for a father figure. Whether it’s Father’s Day gifts for uncles, granddads or a brilliant stepdad or father-in-law, you can’t go wrong with the classics like men’s watches. And for the style gurus, fashionable men’s jewellery will always receive a warm welcome with the click of the box on Father’s Day. 

If you need more gift ideas, our expert teams are available in store. Why not book an appointment with us virtually or visit your local H.Samuel store in time for Father’s day?