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'We understand and share the concerns of our customers that the products and services we sell should be responsibly sourced. Where and how our products are produced is something we take extremely seriously and keep under constant review. We have committed to ensure that clear standards in relation to social, ethical and environmental business practices are maintained both for ourselves and our business partners. We also believe that as part of the world's largest speciality jewellery retailer we have a leading role to play in ensuring that our industry conducts its business responsibly. You can be confident that concrete and comprehensive measures are being taken to ensure the products we sell meet these standards and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. At H.Samuel we know that being a good business makes good business sense.'

Achievements so far

  • We are a founding member of The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) which is the largest international not for profit organisation working to
  • reinforce confidence in the jewellery supply chain.
  • We are independently audited to ensure we meet the RJC code of practice.
  • We have a comprehensive Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • We have reduced the number of suppliers we do business with to ensure we can maintain our high standards
  • We audit suppliers to ensure they maintain our standards.
  • We support the international programme to ensure
  • the diamonds we sell are conflict free.


It is important to us that we have productive and sustainable working relationships with our suppliers. As such we have a comprehensive supplier code of conduct against which we audit our suppliers on a regular basis. We have actively worked with our suppliers to ensure their standards are maintained and going forward we are encouraging them to achieve RJC accreditation. We have reduced the number of suppliers we do business with in order to ensure we are able to maintain our quality standards. In addition to our proactive work with suppliers we have to meet a number of national and international statutory obligations. In particular the UK Bribery Act which has an international reach and the (US leg).


The jewellery industry is a diverse and fragmented sector which presents many challenges when trying to assure the origin of products. Some of the raw materials such as gold are international commodities that are traded by major international agencies and also include a significant element of recycled material. The Signet Group has responded to these challenges and has a clearly stated set of principles and responsibilities.

All the businesses within the Signet Group have detailed work plans designed to turn the Companies principles into reality and significant progress has been made across all its business'. However the Company recognises there is more to do and we must always be alert to changes and issues in the supply chain.


We are a founding member of the Responsible Jewellery Council which was established in 2005. The Council was set up to create and maintain an independent set of standards for the jewellery industry and has a rapidly growing membership which currently stand at over 300 business' both small and large from all over the World. RJC members must be audited by accredited 3rd party auditors to verify that they conform to the RJC's Code of Practice.

The Code of Practice covers:

  • Business ethics
  • Human rights and social performance
  • Environmental performance
  • Management systems

Signet Jewellers Limited of which H.Samuel is a part successfully completed the certification process in April 2011 and was the first retail jewellery business in the UK to meet this standard.


There are a number of products and raw materials that by their nature are potentially open to inappropriate business practices or influenced by Government and other organisations, in particular diamonds and gold.All nations with significant involvement with the diamond trade agreed a global certification process to control the import and export of rough diamonds mined from January 1st 2003. This system is aimed at preventing criminals from introducing contraband diamonds mined in African combat zones into the legitimate supply chain. Since 2003, the Kimberley process certification scheme supported by national and international legislation has sought to certify the legitimate origin of uncut diamonds. We comply with the Kimberly process and require all our trade suppliers of diamonds and diamond jewellery to provide us with a warranty that they do not supply us with conflict diamonds. (Specific statements regarding Gold souring once agreed)You can find more detail regarding our diamond and gold sourcing policies on line, where you will also be able to get more specific product information.


Specific product information can be found on our web site www.hsamuel.co.uk or contact Customer Relations -
Tel: 0870 909 0302

If you want to understand our policies in more detail you can obtain copies on:
- under responsibilities.

Other useful websites are:
www.responsiblejewellery.com and www.jewellers-online.org

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