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Our Wishlist is a wonderful way to keep track of your favourite H.Samuel items as you browse our shop. For special occasions like your birthday, a wishlist eliminates the guess work for family and friends and ensures a gift that you’ll love, whilst still allowing an element of surprise!

Create an account with us to save your favourite products and compile them into multiple personalised wish lists for different occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas.

We’ve created the “wishlist” with the view that you can “save” all your favourite items in one place. The “wishlist” itself will be the master list. To allow you to sort your favourite items for different occasions, we’ve provided the functionality to create your own personalised lists. Please note, if you delete an item from the “master wishlist”, then it will be removed from all subsequent personal lists too. Enjoy building your own personalised wishlist curations!

A maximum of 20 products can be added to each list and you can easily add or remove items in each one. If you change your mind and decide you’d prefer that special item for an anniversary rather than birthday, simply 'Select Item' and copy into the other lists in your drop down. Items will remain in your wish list even if the product becomes out of stock.

Once you’re happy with your personal selection of products, you can share your wishlist with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter or email. Create a Wishlist with H.Samuel and share the products you adore!

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