Surprising her with an Anniversary Ring

Surprise Her with an Anniversary Band

Surprise Her With An Aniiversary Ring

Planning on surprising your partner with a special gift of an anniversary ring? Well, you've come to the right place. Before jumping into the purchase, think carefully about the type of jewellery she wears, whether she wants to replace a ring she already has, the style of the bridal jewellery she owns and her take on colour and gemstones. Once you've figured out these key factors, choosing a ring that she'll adore, will be a breeze!

How does she wear her rings?

Look at your wife's fingers (discreetly) over the course of a week or two. Are they usually plain or ringed only with her wedding and/or engagement ring or displaying her every-day favourites?

If her fingers are typically bare, chances are rings aren't typically the type of jewellery she would wear – but don't fret! You can still choose a gorgeous, lightweight ring that she can wear on special occasions and represent a sentimental keepsake.

If she's the type to swap her rings out continuously, it's very likely that she will favour a trendy gemstone ring that will fit in perfectly with her collection.

She may fall somewhere in between, wearing her bridal set daily and alternating her other favourite rings occasionally, in which case an anniversary band will be a perfect gift. A little hint: if your wife wears her wedding and engagement ring regularly, it is very likely she will appreciate an anniversary band to complement the set.

Replacing or complementing her wedding band or engagement ring?

Your wife may have hinted towards wanting a different ring for her wedding finger, whether it's to go for something simpler or more elaborate or just to enhance the look of her existing rings.

She may find her current diamond ring impractical if her daily routine is hands on. Whatever the reason may be, she may be happier with an alternative and buying an anniversary ring is the perfect way to present her with one. Carefully consider what she isn't currently happy with and choose a new style accordingly.

If you're adding an anniversary ring to supplement a set she already loves, think about whether she'll want to wear it on the same finger, or on the other hand so you can choose a ring that will match, coordinate and fit in with what she currently wears.

What is her take on gemstones?

It will be fairly obvious if your wife is into colourful and vibrant jewellery. She may favour a particular gemstone colour, making this a great time to purchase a gemstone anniversary ring. See our guide to anniversary gemstones to find a stone or metal that is paired to the specific anniversary you are celebrating. You can also just go with whatever colour or gemstone you think your wife will love.

For the next two weeks, play the spy and keep an eye out for the jewellery she wears and any colours that stand out – this way you are sure to find an anniversary ring that she will absolutely adore!

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