Pink Quartz Gemstone Guide

Pink Quartz Gemstone

Many of the gemstones used for jewellery come from the mineral quartz. As the name implies, pink quartz also comes from the mineral quartz. Pink quartz is quite rare variety of quartz which makes it a more luxurious jewellery choice.


The pink colour is caused by small amounts of aluminium and phosphorus and the crystals appear translucent to transparent, however pink quartz rarely has perfect clarity.

Sourcing pink quartz

The main source of pink quartz is in Brazil, this is also the first discovered source of pink quartz, it was found in 1959.

Caring for pink quartz

Pink quartz is a very durable and hard gemstone it should be stored separately in a soft cloth pouch to prevent damage and scratching to other jewellery. Despite the durability of pink quartz it is very sensitive to light; extra care should be taken to avoid direct sunlight. To clean use warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to remove any soapy residue.