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Warranties Matter

Peace of Mind. Warranties Matter

Once you've chosen the perfect engagement ring, one other detail you should probably consider to protect this special item is a jewellery warranty, or guarantee service plan for the ring; you want the ring to last a lifetime.

But, as we all know, things don't always go to plan. An engagement ring is subject to wear, damage or even loss. A warranty, guarantee or service plan with you jeweller may be the best way to look after this precious item.

Understanding the warranty or guarantee

A jewellery warranty or guarantee usually covers the replacement of damaged or lost diamonds or certain gemstones for a lifetime. Some jewellers offer a warranty or guarantee on the diamonds or gemstones as part of the purchase price, while others may offer it at an extra cost.

To keep the warranty current, you typically have to comply with your jeweller's rules. Jewellers often recommend having your diamond or gemstone ring inspected at regular intervals (every six months or so), and repaired if necessary.

The warranty or guarantee may also cover the mounting for a limited time after purchase, and might also cover cleaning. You'll notice how much better the ring will look when clean, and it's easy to drop by the jewellery store to have the ring cleaned every few months to keep the diamond sparkling.

As part of this regular maintenance, a jeweller should examine the diamond or gemstone ring though a gemological microscope or loupe. That way you can stay on top of any potential issues before they arise – including possibly losing a stone.

The jeweller's service plan

Jewellery can be fragile-even a well-constructed ring may fall victim to accidental damage, no matter how careful the wearer is. A service plan will ensure that you can have dents and scratches repaired when you need to.

There's usually a one-time cost for a jewellery service plan, but it will protect the ring setting for a period against repairs such as: resizing the band; re-tipping the prongs; replacing the head that holds the diamond securely in place; tightening the stone; and (rhodium) plating if applicable. Knowing the ring can be repaired under the service plan at no cost is comforting.

Read any documentation that comes with your jewellery warranty, guarantee or service plan carefully. Many policies can become void if you don't follow what the policy says. The requirements include:

  • Taking the ring into the jeweller you bought it from (or another location if they're a chain) on a regular schedule.
  • Having the ring inspected and documented or validated by the jeweller.
  • Having any repairs done by that jeweller.

You may also want to consider insurance to protect against loss or theft should something awful happen. [Link to insuring your ring]. A warranty or guarantee and a service plan will help you extend the beauty and life of your ring for years to come.