Adidas Original Watches

Adidas Watches

adidas Originals excels as one of the world's most recognized sports lifestyle brands from streetwear fans and urban preps to collegians and Ivy-Leaguers. With a focus on fashionably reinventing classic function, adidas embraces its own heritage of design and quality to create a style found nowhere else.

adidas Originals Timing uses the same philosophy, fusing traditional watch design elements with modern technique and detail, resulting in a sleek, distinctive look and feel that is unique amongst the fashion watch landscape.

The adidas story

adidas founder Adi Dassler always had a passion for sports and a passion for shoes. By the mid 1920's, a determined Adi began producing prototype shoes and running spikes using obsolete military scraps. At this point, it was a family affair – sister Marie, brother Rudolf, and father Christoph all joined Adi's project.

adidas begins

He was certain he made a good product and was ready for a lofty goal – outfitting athletes in the 1928 Olympics held in Amsterdam. He persuaded Lina Radke to wear his shoes, who set a world record for the 800 metre dash. "He knew that any shoe worn by an Olympic champion would go down well in public," said Franz Martz, longtime mentor and father-in-law of Adi. This marked the beginning of product placement.

Adidas original watches

adidas history

The next major moment in Adi's career occurred during the 1936 Olympics in Germany. Without marketing and promotional tools, Adi's only chance to outfit Olympic athletes was by word of mouth and friendly connections. Adi convinced his friend, German track coach Jo Waitzer, to distribute his shoes to Jesse Owens – an African-American runner from the United States. It was an extremely risky move at the time considering the Nazi propaganda, but the shoes made their way into Jesse's hands… and the brand was born.

adidas competition

World War II strained the relationship between the Dassler brothers, and in 1945 an argument ensued over rights to the joint business. The conflict continued until 1948, when Adi and Rudi decided to part ways, neither of which retaining any ownership of the Dassler Brothers' Shoe Factory. In the years to come, Adi created adidas, and Rudi created Puma. The two brothers never spoke again. This split also divided their town into two; residents made a choice to be supporters of adidas or supporters of Puma.

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