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Anniversary Gifting

Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

At H.Samuel, we’ve been gifting love since 1862, and are big believers in the power of a thoughtful gift. Read on to get inspired with a perfect gift for your loved one this anniversary.

27 November 2020 EDITOR - H. SAMUEL

Although the act of giving doesn’t always need a reason, marking an event with something meaningful is a great way to make your loved one feel extra special. Wedding anniversaries are increasingly celebrated with a present, so we’ve pulled together some wedding anniversary gift ideas to help you and your loved ones celebrate the big milestones in style.

Why does jewellery make a great wedding anniversary gift?

Jewellery is sentimental, luxurious and can be worn for years to come, meaning your loved one will always have something to remember that special day by. If you are looking for wedding anniversary gifts for him, a watch is something he can look at and treasure forever. Whereas an eternity ring, a symbol of never ending love, is a wonderfully romantic and meaningful anniversary gift for her.

Whether you’re looking for anniversary gifts for parents, a friend, your partner or maybe even yourself, we have a huge range of options for each milestone. We believe that a thoughtful jewellery gift shouldn’t have to cost the earth, so there are lots of stylish designs available that won’t put an uncomfortable dent in your wallet.

From cufflinks to earrings and necklaces to bracelets, all jewellery makes an ideal gift. If you need some gift ideas, we have some dedicated pages to help you find gifts for her, gifts for him, and we’ve even got personalised gifts covered.

Wedding Anniversary Milestones

Some wedding milestones have a fun tradition where they are associated with a material, giving you an opportunity to mark the wedding anniversary with a very appropriate gift. Many of the main anniversary milestones are well known, such as paper for your first anniversary and crystal for your fifteenth, but there are a few that you might not have heard of…

3rd Anniversary

The 3rd anniversary is traditionally marked by something leather, so a wallet or watch strap upgrade is a good option, maybe even a leather bracelet. Or for something different, how about a pair of matching Mr & Mrs passport holders.


5th Anniversary

Wood is traditionally associated with the 5th anniversary, so a wooden photo frame with a photo from the big day is a great choice. You could even choose a frame that can be personalised with names and dates to make it unique.


15th Anniversary

The 15th anniversary is marked by crystal, so it’s an opportunity to get your loved one something with a bit of sparkle. Crystal jewellery is available in a wide range of styles and tends to be relatively inexpensive, but still looks very chic. Alternatively, you could consider crystal glasses or a personalised crystal clock or crystal token.


25th Anniversary

The first of the really big milestones is the 25th wedding anniversary, also known as the silver wedding anniversary. Any silver jewellery would make an ideal silver wedding anniversary gift, and there’s a lot of choices so you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece. Alternatively, if you are shopping on a budget, then a silver picture frame makes a lovely and meaningful 25th wedding anniversary gift for parents or couples.


30th Anniversary

The 30th anniversary is marked by a timeless classic – pearls. Think stylish earrings, beautiful pendants or perhaps the ever-popular pearl necklace.


40th Anniversary

The next significant milestone is the 40th anniversary – the ruby anniversary. Rubies have always been known to symbolise love and romance, and there are some exquisite pieces of ruby jewellery available to mark this wonderful occasion, from gorgeous rings to delicate bracelets.


50th Anniversary

It seems only appropriate that one of the most precious metals in the world marks the 50th anniversary – gold. Gifts of gold jewellery are a lovely way to celebrate 50 years of marriage. Bear in mind that when it comes to gold jewellery, you have the choice of classic yellow gold jewellery, sleek white gold jewellery or modern rose gold jewellery. For a very personal family gift, a gold photo frame, complete with photographs of children or grandchildren is a thoughtful present.


60th Anniversary

The 60th wedding anniversary, otherwise known as the diamond wedding anniversary, is considered such a special event that the Queen herself sends a message of congratulations to the happy couple. Sparkling diamond jewellery is the perfect gift to mark this remarkable occasion.


70th Anniversary

Married couples that make it beyond their diamond anniversary can look forward to celebrating 65 years together with sapphire jewellery and marking their 70th anniversary with platinum. In case you were wondering, the longest marriage recorded in the UK was between Mr & Mrs Chand who, remarkably, celebrated their 90th wedding anniversary.

Need a hand finding the perfect gift?

Whether it be a first anniversary gift for a friend, a 25th wedding anniversary gift for your parents or the perfect 50th anniversary gift for your partner, we know how important it is to find the gift that’s exactly them. With our wide range of styles and exclusive brands to choose from, you’ll be sure to find something that suits their taste and your budget. Browse our gift collection online, visit us in-store where one of the team will be delighted to help, or book a virtual appointment and enjoy expert advice from the comfort of your own home.