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Model wearing stacked necklaces


Neither hail, nor wind, nor storm Eunice could stop the momentum at London Fashion Week. The jewellery looks that flooded the city served up some serious style inspo. From zodiacs to a healthy dose of silver, yes silver, read on for the street style jewellery trends that you can copy immediately.

21 February 2022 Editor - H. Samuel

Everyone knows that it’s the jewellery that takes an outfit from zero to hero in seconds. And now more than ever, we’re looking for ways that can easily amp up our 2022 ‘fits, and, as proven by the latest and greatest from London Fashion Week, unique accessories (jewellery for the win) are the way to go.

Every year, fashion week gives us a load of #OOTDs and street style inspiration for the coming season. And it’s not just about the Balenciaga bags and Gucci belts that we’re lusting after. The street style jewellery game – like the 80mph winds and classic British rain – is strong. So, whether it’s stacking your rings, layering your necklaces or opting for a touch (a lot) of personalisation, we’ve captured the best-accessorised outside the shows that you can copycat right away. On a scale of not to hot, these are on fire *insert fire emoji. Don’t miss it.

That’s not my name

Initial necklaces never really went away, did they? But it’s how the style set have been wearing them that’s got our attention. Case in point: EVERYBODY has been wearing multiple letters, so their layers spell a word (effortlessly nailing two trends in one, nice). The best bit about this look, is that you can spell out whatever you want – whether it’s you name or not – initial up for boyfriends, girlfriends, besties and pets. And your nicknames of course. (Who said normies can’t join in with TikTok’s ‘That’s not my name’ trend?) The possibilities are endless. Scroll for our tips on the new way to wear them.

One part sentimental, one part gloriously narcissistic, you can wear alphabet necklaces with or without occasion. And, while some letter necklaces have a look-at-me air about them (PDPAOLA we’re looking at you), they easily work with existing pieces and every outfit – day or night. Now, you know how to put your spin on the trend, amp up your initial game with these lovely letters.

Perfect personalisation

Fashion’s love with all things celestial has gone into overdrive, and we couldn’t be happier about it. We know that personalised jewellery has been around for a minute now. But LFW, bought us two trends in one with the layering of multiple personalised pieces. From zodiacs and birthstones (and more initials), this takes the trend up a style notch. We particularly love how the dainty chains make room for more than one pendant, so you can mix and match metals, animal signs, stones, and constellations. Perfection. The long-lasting appeal of these pendants is that they’ll always have meaning so whether you’re partaking in some much-deserved self-gifting or picking a present for the bestie who’s obsessed with astrology, these necklaces are the perfect addition to your existing layers.

Picture perfect Lockets

Lockets are back, you heard it here first. Fashion’s best kept secret – and the charm of our teens – you can thank the return of the ‘90s for this one. Like the message in a bottle, lockets are holders of secrets, so have an air of mystery and intrigue around them – the perfect conversation starter. It’s also not just photos you can put inside (think memes, meaningful quotes, and notes to self). And while we’re used to seeing them in heart motifs or ovals with delicate engravings, it’s a more modern update which has made it to the streets. Go for geometric designs, coloured enamel, celestial talisman styles or sculptural shapes for a style that feels fresh. And wear more than one, in fact this is perfect ‘neck-mess’ territory.

Shaping up

Playful, yet meaningful shapes are everywhere at the moment. So given this, it’s not surprising that motifs – like chevrons, circles, wishbones and curves – were a popular go-to for jewellery over the weekend. Not only are they really pretty, but they’re whimsical and edgy – think of these as the adult upgrade to your childhood accessories. Plus, these pieces incorporate another big trend we’re seeing on the streets – silver (or white gold). Yes, after the yellow gold rush of 2021, cool silver tones are making a major comeback. And we’re not sad about it. The best bit? They look amazing solo and stacked. So, just wear them your way.

Juicy jewels

If LFW could be summed up in one word, it would be colour. The style set were bursting with it. Perhaps, it’s a reaction to more positive times, or perhaps it’s simply tapping into another trend: birthstones. The meanings behind these coloured gems are an instant pull, from the clarity and courage of February’s amethyst to the power and prosperity of July’s ruby. Now that's the kind of energy we need. And, for the non-believers among us, they also pack a powerful style punch. Without a doubt, this very Instagrammable trend adds a playful touch to your outfits in any season. Think zesty yellows and greens to deep purples and reds. Plus, you’ll win all the thoughtful points with the Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, Pisces (you get the gist) in your life. Or discover your colour and gift yourself the one you like best (it’s ok we won't tell). You could even create a layered look with all your favourites. Because why be one shade when you can be the whole palette?

On a final note: If you're looking for even more fashion hacks and stacks, book a one-on-one appointment with our style experts who are ready and waiting to help with all things trending, stacking, layering and styling this season.