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Model wearing rings


Not sure how to wear or what to pair when it comes to your favourite jewellery pieces? Never fear, our summer styling edit is here. From new-in anklets to talismanic charms, see how we're wearing our favourite pieces this season.

19 April 2022 Editor - H. Samuel

We’re going to make a bold claim: Jewellery have never looked so good than the pieces emerging this season. That’s right – the runway to the ‘gram, has been consistently serving up jewellery inspiration at its stylish best for summer. So much so it’s making us excited just thinking about what’s coming up next.

Ahead, we’ve narrowed down the search to the trends that really stand out right now, and, more importantly, how to wear them with other pieces from your jewellery box. With all tastes, budgets and styles considered, there’s something for everyone. Think piled-on pearls, vibrant stone rings, layers of enamel beads, and, yes, even body jewellery — hello, anklets. And you can shop it all if you keep scrolling.

Matchy matchy pearls

Pearlcore is one of 2022’s most nostalgic trends – but in a new way. Think cool, abstract shapes (a far cry from their prim and proper past). Bringing Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's vibes, matching pearl jewellery is the order of the day. Whether it's a necklace and bracelet, earrings, or all three, anything goes as long as you wear them together. To bring it up to date, it's all about gold hardware to make it feel fresh.

Enamel fever

Fun jewels have been around for a few seasons now—from resin rings to the rise of plastic fantastic jewellery—and they're sticking around. Leading the way in the quirky and cool is enamel. We’re wholeheartedly backing this joyful summer trend – what’s better than when the sun is shining, jewels are vibing and your manicure is popping? And while constellation piercings have been key for a while, sometimes it's refreshing to go back to basics. Strip your ear of any earrings and wear a pair of simple huggies to achieve the coloured jewellery look influencers can't get enough of. Pro tip: If bold colour-clashing isn’t your thing (but, why not?), stick to your preferred metal colour, leaving one (or two) bright enamel pieces to do the talking – like popping white hoops with other on-trend spring colours – think peppermint green beads for a perfect summer look.

World at your feet

Holiday jewellery: it’s almost a state of mind, isn’t it? That free-spirited moment when the sun-kissed, happy hour version of yourself becomes a person who wears breaded bracelets and shell necklaces. Summer inspiration is coming in fast, and nothing says effortless sunshine style like anklets paired with summer sandals. The accessory of the moment, they’re the companion to every bikini and swimsuit come holiday season, but they'll also work with cut-out dresses and miniskirts if you haven't got a holiday booked just yet. Bonus points if you stack ‘em high for a layered look. And to complete your essential summer jewellery look? Just add stacks of dainty rings.

Turn on the charm

Music notes, jigsaw pieces, elephants, wishbones…jammy dodgers? When it comes to charms, anything goes. Part of the love for everything Y2K, charms are quite literally everywhere for summer – around your neck, ankles, wrists or all of the above. Whether it’s talismans for luck, sentiment or protection, what is more personal, and above all more fun, than a dangling charm that speaks to you and you alone? So, layer up your own life story with our selection of the best miniatures to buy now.

Throwing shades

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting than just gold and silver, then let’s talk about colour. Influencers have been relying on colourful gems to liven up their ring stacks for a minute now. And the best bit? Stone stacks look just as good with a sequin jumpsuit as they do with a white tee and jeans (maybe, even better?) Dainty rings (and lots of them) are the order of the day. We’re backing multicoloured iterations stacked high. Which fingers? All ten.