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Jewellery selfie


Thanks to social media and the smartphone, June 21st recognises a form of self-portrait that couldn't exist without them; It's National Selfie Day. In honour of this phenomenon, we’ve pulled together some influencer-approved tips on how to take the perfect jewellery selfie. Read on to find out more.

14 June 2021 Editor - H. Samuel

Time to nail your head tilt and strike a post because #nationalselfieday is just around the corner. It’s an act that has taken us by storm since its conception in the early ‘00s, in fact, taking photos of yourself with a smartphone has become so popular, that the word itself won Word of the Year in 2013 and is now featured in the Oxford dictionary. But just how selfie crazy has the world got? Well, according to Google, in 2019 its Android devices took 93 million selfies per day. Yes, that’s PER DAY.

And recently, we’ve noticed a new selfie trend while scrolling through Instagram, and chances are, you’ve seen this too (whether or not you’ve realised it yet). Fashion girls seem to be focusing on a new perspective — and (unlike perfectly posed #OOTDs) it’s one that’s really achievable.

The art of the jewellery selfie

Yes, we’re talking zoomed-in photos of gold and silver jewellery. Pimped up body parts like hands, ears, necks, and wrists are the perfect canvas for capturing the finer details of personal style – such as your newest jewellery purchase.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, scroll down for our influencer-approved tips on how to master the art of the perfect jewellery selfie using bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. These handy tips will give your followers a chic, new perspective and promise to make your feed feel bang on-trend. So, consider taking your photos like this for National Selfie Day, it’ll be worth it.


Pick a neutral backdrop

Calling all beginners – this is hands-down the easiest of the jewellery selfies. Mainly because less is more. Let your bracelet(s) be the star of the show with a minimal background and bold details. From cream carpet to wooden floorboards, you want to make sure the background doesn’t take away from the wrist candy — especially if it’s an intricate or delicate design. Also, if you want your sleeve in the frame make sure it’s as neutral as the backdrop and pull it up so the bracelet has room to shine.

Twist and turn

As obvious as it may sound your bracelets will photograph better if they're all facing the right way and showing off their intricate details in the best way. To do that, the chains must be as straight as possible — take time to line them up neatly. There’s nothing worse than a mishmash of chains that don’t do the jewellery (or your style) justice. Then check and double-check that any stones, details, or pendants are facing up and the clasps are hidden underneath.

Solo or stack

If you’re going for a stack, spread your bracelets evenly across your wrist so that each one has space to shine, that way your followers will be able to easily admire their unique details. If you decide to go solo, with just one bracelet, then give yourself lots of bare wrist room to play with.


Mirror , mirror on the wall

Ear photos are easily the hardest of the jewellery selfies. If you’ve spent countless minutes (hours?!) blindly lining up the pic and hoping it worked, then you’ll know what we mean. Instead, use a mirror, the next step explains how.

Use your phone’s back camera

To nail a good earring selfie, stand in front of the mirror and aim the back camera lens of your phone at your ear, that way you can view your screen in the mirror to line up the shot. Easy.

Don’t go too close

As pretty as your ear stack may be, let’s face it, no one wants a close up of an ear. Keep the shot zoomed out but close enough to see any intricate detailing. Also, move your hair out the way, you don’t want anything to detract from the earrings.


Opt for different lengths

The layered necklace photo is essential for a feed that’s bang on-trend. However, it is an art form — one that our favourite influencers have got down to a tea. Wearing different chain lengths will ensure they don't get lost under each other and show off each one’s unique detailing. Also, make sure they are straightened out — no one wants a ‘neck-mess’. As with earrings, keep it close (but not too close). Show the details with a zoomed-in shot.

Show some skin

Photographing necklaces directly on the skin means the jewellery doesn’t have to compete against a top to stand out. As with bracelets, it gives you a lot of bare neck room to play with. You could even do a Kylie Kardashian and pop some of your favourite highlighter on your collar bone to add a little extra sparkle.

Natural lighting

When it comes to selfies (particularly jewellery ones), natural daylight is your best friend. This is especially true when photographing necklaces. It’s key for taking sharp lines and picking up the details. Plus, natural light will also highlight your skin and help the pieces glisten.


Bland over bold background

As with bracelets, the background of your ring selfie is almost as important as the jewels themselves. Instead of looking for bold and dynamic backdrops, opt for interesting textures and neutral or complementary colours instead — these will help them stand out. We love how certain colours, like peach, bring out the glow of the gold jewellery.

Good lighting

This really goes for all photos but jewellery especially. Avoid dark or shadowy spaces or warm, artificial lighting. You can achieve a good ring selfie in any well-lit area, but natural light is ideal for making sure those diamonds sparkle and the metals glisten — outside or next to a window is always a good option.

It’s all about the angle

Ring photos rely on the angle more than any other jewellery selfie — well, you want to show off its most intricate details, don’t you? Love the unique setting? Take a photo at an angle to highlight it. Can't get over the shape of your stone? Try an overhead shot (but remember, skip the flash).

Also, if you’re not sure what to do with your hands – it’s all about the props. Grab a cup of coffee or flip through a magazine. Plus, manicured nails are a good way to add a pop of colour.

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There you have it — our guide to the perfect jewellery selfie just in time for National Selfie Day. Post your pic and #HSStyle to show us your picture-perfect snaps. And if you’re in need of some gold and silver jewels for the perfect photo then you can browse our full collection of jewellery online.