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How Your Jewellery Channels Your Vibe? Rock on hand symbol wearing diamond rings and holding rock candy

How Your Jewellery Channels Your Vibe

Whether you’re a stacker, an adventurous mixologist, silver, gold and platinum together don’t phase you, or you’ve a love affair with all that glitters, what jewellery you wear can say so much about you, it gives off your vibe and makes a statement about who you are. What’s your jewellery tribe?

24 February 2020 H.Samuel - Editor

Hoop La!

If layered necklaces, oversized hoops and chunky dazzling cocktail rings are your thing, then you’re probably the life and soul of the party, outgoing, adventurous and bubbly you have a fun attitude to life. You don’t take yourself too seriously, radiate positivity and your sassy vibes are enough to brighten any room.

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Classic Icon

Whether you wear a simple yet classic solitaire diamond or a cluster of stones you’re in the love with dazzle and radiate a glow wherever you go. You're in great company with icons such as David Beckham, Marylyn Monroe and Beyoncé. You’re ambitious and patient and you’re prepared to wait until you have the jewellery your heart desires.

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Earthy Spirit

You look for ethical jewellery with a clear provenance, because sustainability really matters to you. Nature inspired jewellery is your thing and you’re a sucker for a tree of life or a traceable diamond. You're grounded, reliable and take a spiritual approach to life because you know there is more than can be seen with the naked eye.

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Modern Vintage

If you see jewellery as an art form and love quirky heritage style pieces, then you’re a trendsetter. You don’t follow the crowd or fashion, instead you search out unusual, interesting jewellery. You're not particularly dedicated to one brand but you’re passionate about collecting and once you see something you love you just have to have it.

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