Christmas Proposals

Planning the Perfect Christmas Proposal

Christmas is such a romantic time of year! Mulled wine and mistletoe, snow and decorations: the festive season is perfect for a proposal.

If you’re thinking about getting down on one knee over the holidays here are some of our favourite proposal ideas and, of course, the diamond rings to match.

The Christmas Tree Proposal

This idea is absolutely adorable and a gorgeous way to make the most of the festive season in your proposal!

To set the scene you’ll need a festive ambience: think carols, mulled wine and your favourite Christmas jumper. Then conceal the ring among the branches at the very top of the tree. Put up the decorations together then chivalrously suggest your partner place the crowning star or fairy and wait for them to find their wonderful surprise!

Perfect Fit 9ct White Gold 1.25 Carat Diamond Bridal Set

Like any good Christmas decorations, you’ll want an engagement ring to sparkle and shine. This Perfect Fit 9ct White Gold 1.25 carat Diamond Bridal Set is a dazzling choice with the added benefit that the two rings are designed to be worn together. A central cluster of diamonds on the engagement ring is surrounded by an outer halo of jewels and additional stones and attractive detailing on the ring’s shoulders. The pair are made especially eye-catching as the wedding band also features a line of diamonds – this is a ring that’s sure to wow!

The Christmas Lights Proposal

Another decoration themed idea, this proposal is a beautiful way to light up a dark winter’s evening – you’ll just need to have a little patience with the set-up. Choose a romantic location – bearing in mind you’ll need a power supply - and use fairy lights to spell the words ‘will you marry me?’ Make sure you plan a good vantage point for your other half too.

9ct White Gold 2/5 Carat Diamond Round Halo Ring

The perfect ring to accompany such a well-executed proposal? It has to be this elegant 9ct White Gold 2/5 Carat Diamond Round Halo Ring . The design is classic and the simple circular diamond centrepiece features eye-catching detailing along the length of the ring’s shoulders.

An Advent Calendar Proposal

This one requires a little more forward planning, but your partner will love all the extra trouble you’ve gone to. Start thinking, and put together 23 thoughtful gifts to create an advent calendar (the 24th being the engagement ring). Some nice ideas might be their favourite fragrance or cosmetics, tickets for the two of you to see a show together, a book or film you know they like – it could even be something small like their favourite sweets or a heartfelt note. Then, come Christmas Eve they’ll be wondering how you possibly top a month of brilliant surprises and you’ll have the best gift of all to give them!

The Forever Diamond - 18ct White Gold 1 Carat Diamond Ring

You’ll want a spectacular ring to complete such a brilliant proposal, so The Forever Diamond 18ct White Gold 1 Carat Diamond Ring is the ideal choice. The solitaire 1 carat diamond is a classic engagement design topped only by the superb quality of the jewel and precious metal band.

The Box Inside a Box Proposal

If you decide to propose when exchanging gifts on Christmas morning, this idea means an obvious ring-sized box left under the tree won’t give the game away.

Take the box containing the ring and place it inside a larger box to wrap, repeat this as many times as you like to – each layer will add a little more excitement until the final gift is revealed.

18ct Yellow Gold 1.5 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring

Imagine your partner’s delight when they open the final box and see this stunning diamond ring inside! This 18ct Yellow Gold 1.5 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring is a delicate but striking design of the highest quality. The large single jewel is elegantly set onto the simple gold band in a design that’s truly timeless.

If you’re planning to propose this Christmas you’ll find a sensational collection of engagement rings available from H Samuel. Be sure to check out our sizing and style guides too, for help choosing a ring that’s perfect for your partner’s finger and taste.