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Crown Your Style with these Jubilee Jewellery Trends

Party, for Queen and country. From platinum jewellery styles to diamond solitaires, these top 5 royalty-approved styles will hit the high notes no matter how you’re celebrating this Jubilee weekend.

24 May 2022 H. Samuel - Editor

PSA: with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee just around the corner (hello four day weekend), it's time to get planning your street-party outfits (and your jewellery looks). Whether you’re a royalist or not, with the warm weather (fingers crossed) and two extra days off, there has never been a better excuse for a big ‘ole knees-up. And for that, dear readers, you need to crown your Jubilee style with our top jewellery trends as seen on our favourite royals. Be it a street party or a small gathering with your squad, we’ve got the hottest jewellery trends to suit all styles, personalities and parties.

So mark it in your diaries (Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June) and keep scrolling to see how we’re accessorising (read: copying) our favourite royal looks.

Platinum jewellery, naturally

It goes without saying that platinum jewellery gets the top spot when celebrating the Queen's whopping 70 years on the throne. For a jewellery piece that wows, you can’t go wrong with this precious metal. It’s versatile and robust and pairs well with a variety of stones (so it’s down to you to choose your fave). Plus, its durability means you can wear it day in, day out and it will stand the test of time – much like Her Majesty The Queen.

Platinum wedding jewellery is a royal go-to, especially a to-die-for platinum engagement ring (looking at you, Your Majesty, Camilla and Princess Bea...)

Shine in Yellow Gold Jewellery

No matter the season, yellow gold jewellery is always the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. That said, now is the best time to experiment with your style a bit more: thanks to the summer fashion featuring lower necklines and shorter hems, you have more exposed skin to play with. Think of it as a blank canvas if you will.

The beauty of yellow gold jewellery is that it makes everything look expensive, instantly, whether that’s a plain white shirt or a summer dress, plus the metal is flattering on all skin tones. We’ve been wearing a lot of it recently, usually in the form of stacked bracelets, rings and layered necklaces – the perfect go-to to jazz up the simplest of outfits (yes, even joggers and a tee).

Kate Middleton was gifted a charm bracelet on her wedding day in 2011 by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. We love everything Y2K at the moment, and charms are quite literally everywhere for summer – around your neck, ankles, wrists or all of the above. Whether it’s talismans for luck, sentiment or protection, what is more fun, than a dangling charm that speaks to you and you alone? It's ultra-cool, affordable and super personalised, too.

We all know that Meghan Markle loves to stack her gold jewellery high, which is why we think it's the perfect way to pay tribute to the Duchess of Sussex. Plus, yellow gold is another popular choice for royal engagement rings, Meghan’s three-carat cushion-cut sparkler sits in plain sight on – yes you guessed it – a yellow gold band. Given to her over a roast chicken, you can’t get more cosy-chic than that.

So, breathe life into your ring stack and add a yellow gold ring to your Jubilee street party look. It's the perfect opportunity to mix and match your colours and styles, so get those gemstones involved too

Coloured Gemstone Jewellery, Regal Style

As far as the latest jewellery trends go, coloured gemstone jewellery has been around for a minute now and we have an edit of all the best (read: grid-worthy) pieces that will add a personalised pop of colour to your look. After all, one of the most famous engagement rings, we all know and love, is K-Midd’s stunning sapphire (the one that was once Princess Diana’s) – how could you not? So, what better way to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70-year reign than with some royal-inspired gemstones?

Whether your style is bright and bold or simple and subtle, from vivid emeralds to red rubies, deep sapphires and serene aquamarines – there’s a gemstone for everyone. Even the Duchess of Cambridge is known to add a pop of emerald green to an all-black or camel-coloured outfit. Add colour to your wristwear with gemstone bracelets or layer up your favourite pieces with a gemstone necklace. Whichever you choose, if it's good enough for a future queen...

Diamond Solitaires, our BFF

The summer's current jewellery trends are on fire (from gorgeous baroque pearls to bright enamel earrings, and everything in between) but it’s no secret that diamond solitaires are a girl's best friend and here to stay (they never went away, tbh). A classic option, fit for the Queen, there’s no better way to shine this Jubilee weekend.

Let’s be real, royal rings are almost guaranteed to have a diamond (or two, or three...) in them somewhere, and the Queen’s ring is no exception. A ring with all the bling, her platinum engagement ring has a three-carat round solitaire with five smaller stones set on each shoulder – quite the head-turner.

So, why not crown your Jubilee style with diamonds? Whether it's a diamond ring that takes your fancy or you want to treat yourself to some new diamond jewellery, from diamond earrings to a new diamond necklace, you’re in the right place for some royal-inspired bling to make you feel like the prince/princess/queen/king you were born to be.

Art Deco Style Jewellery, all the jazz

If vintage style is more your thing, throw it way back to art deco style jewellery. With geometric patterns and abstract designs, it will stand out from the crowd. Naturally, art deco jewellery is a style favoured by the royals. You just have to look at Camilla’s art deco style engagement ring to know that royal rings have that vintage-appeal. Featuring a five-carat emerald cut diamond in the centre with additional baguettes on the sides, we’re smitten.

For an art deco style think angular stone shapes like emerald and square, and gemstones like sapphires and rubies that sit alongside baguette diamonds.

With these latest jewellery trends, you’ll be rocking up to your Jubilee celebrations with your accessories on point. All that’s left to do now is crown your favourite style and enjoy. Discover our complete jewellery collection online or visit your local store where our style experts can help you find the perfect pieces.