What's his style?

What's His Jewellery Style? A Quiz

Looking for men's jewellery for your brother, dad, friend or other half? Take our quiz for help matching your gift to his personal style.

In this day and age, men's jewellery is becoming increasingly popular, as men are paying more attention to fashion and want to make a statement with their personal dress and grooming. Whether he's an edgy hipster or a buttoned-down businessman, the male celebrant might very well enjoy incorporating more accessories and jewellery into his wardrobe.

  1. Time for work! He's wearing:
    • A suit, with or without a tie
    • Business casual – nice trousers or jeans, with a button-down shirt
    • Skinny jeans, boat shoes and a t-shirt that shows off his sleeve tattoos
    • Whatever's on the top of the laundry pile!
  2. On a Saturday night, you'll find him:
    • Sampling the finest whiskey, maybe treating himself to a cigar
    • At the pub with friends
    • Playing a show or checking out a new band at a bar or club
    • On the sofa with video games or enjoying a beer at home with family
  3. For your birthday, he's most likely to:
    • Surprise you with flowers and impossible-to-get reservations at the hottest restaurant
    • Buy tickets to a late night concert for you both or for you and your friends.
    • Treat you to an indie movie festival
    • Ask you what you want for your birthday
  4. When he's the in the kitchen, the menu is likely to be:
    • Prime Black Angus rib-eye with roasted Brussels sprouts and rice pilaf
    • His world-famous burgers on the grill with a green salad and sweet potato chips
    • Something he's wanted to try from that cookbook on molecular gastronomy
    • Spaghetti and meatballs
  5. His ideal holiday destination would be:
    • A week at a high-end golf and tennis resort
    • Somewhere where he can ski, hike or rock climb
    • Relaxing on the beach in sunny Marbella
    • Disney World
  6. The best gift you've given him in the past was:
    • A case of fine Burgundy imported from France
    • A men's grooming kit
    • A handmade bicycle in custom colours with a lightweight steel frame
    • A game console

Answer Key

Mostly A's
This is a man who lives well. He wants the best of everything and has the means to get it. For the successful guy who prefers top-of-the-line classics over trendy labels, you can't go wrong with a slick, classic watch. He'd love a dressy timepiece on a leather strap or a feature-rich dive or sports watch with a titanium bracelet. Another option that might work would be to have something custom-made just for him. You can also look into classy rings, cufflinks and pendants or whatever fits his lifestyle.
Mostly B's
Your guy is down-to-earth and not trying to be the centre of attention. He might not put a ton of time and thought into his style, but he definitely cares about looking well-groomed and put-together. Cufflinks are back in vogue and work with both casual and dressier outfits, with designs ranging from the whimsical to the abstract. They also come in different precious metals, with or without gemstones, and are a great way for your guy to express his personality in a subtle way.
Mostly C's
This guy follows trends and dresses to get noticed. Some recent trends seen in fashion magazines, blogs, and on the runway include necklaces or bracelets, some in leather, beaded or with nautical designs. An engraved dog tag on a ball chain or leather necklace is also a classic look that's having a fashion revival. Another great idea to consider is watches in an Art Deco or other retro styles.
Mostly D's
He may be lovable, but he's no fashion guru. He might balk at the idea of wearing jewellery, assuming his only options are too gaudy or flashy – not his thing at all. Actually, there are plenty of jewellery options for the dressed-down dude. You can surprise him with something like a basic chain necklace with or without a tasteful pendant, such as a religious symbol accented with diamonds.

He may be someone that falls into two or more categories, so if this happens, don't worry! Consider both styles i.e. mostly B's & D's and have a think about what he would like best and is most likely to wear out of these categories.