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The Forever Diamond is exclusive to H.Samuel and forms the breathtaking centrepiece in a collection of diamond rings and jewellery. Available in a range of metals, The Forever Diamond is flower cut for greater sparkle. This unique flower cut features 73 beautifully proportion facets, which is 15 more than the average brilliant cut diamond.

The Forever Diamond has a unique flower cut featuring 73 beautifully proportioned facets, 15 more than the average brilliant cut diamond. The result is exceptional sparkle and radiance, as more facets means there are more surfaces for light to bounce off. This cut is exclusive to H.Samuel, so it cannot be found anywhere else on the marketplace, making it even more special and unique.

The Forever Diamond range of engagement rings and bridal sets are independently certificated by IGI for the diamond 4Cs. This is your guarantee of quality and beauty. The Forever Diamond is a minimum of I1 clarity and a minimum I colour or above. See below the certificate issued with every Forever Diamond and the visual charts indicating colour & clarity.