Occasion Christening

Gift Guide for Christenings

A Christening is the religious baptism of a new child recently born into the family and is a great chance for family members get together to celebrate and welcome the new edition into the family. It is traditional to buy the parents and/or the little one a keepsake gift to remember the special day.

Baby's First Sparkle

One great option for a Christening gift is children's jewellery that acts as a special token that they can treasure as they grow. You may have spotted a charming, slightly mature piece that can be presented to them when they are slightly older. A namesake piece from Molly Brown featuring the child's initials might be perfect for that personal touch.

Our Little Princess brand offers adorable slogan pieces that may be set with the perfect message about the new arrival. For a touch of luxury you could choose to present the baby with their very first diamond, with a huge range of jewellery pieces set with small sparkling accents to reflect just how special they are.

Baby Bangles

Baby bangles are pretty pieces, designed to expand as the child grows so they can wear it early on, perhaps even on the day of the Christening, and for months to come. Set with nursery rhyme slogans, cute designs or their birthstone, baby bangles are a lovely option if you want to give jewellery they can wear from an early age.

Gifts to Celebrate the Big Day

Certificate holders are a stylish way to store the Christening and birth certificate, so that both pieces are kept together and treasured. A photo album or photo frame is a great way to showcase happy memories of the big day, or to document the progress the child makes as they grow! With personalised options also available, this could be a particularly thoughtful gift that helps celebrate those special memories.

Milestone Mementos

As well as the Christening, you can purchase a wonderful gift that celebrates other milestones too. Engraved trinket holders or specially designed ornaments to celebrate baby's first tooth and curl are a lovely way to help parents treasure happy memories. Similarly, a charming money box might be an attentive gift that can be used by parents to save for other milestones, such as baby's first bike or a trip to the zoo!

Children's Favourites

Many of our gifting options feature children's favourite characters, such as old classics from Winnie The Pooh to modern heroes such as Peppa Pig. H.Samuel has a range of jewellery, decorative collectible ornaments, and charming gifts featuring many of these family favourites.