Cherished Teddies
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Since their introduction in 1992, the Cherished Teddies range has become the world's most popular teddy bear Collectible.

The Cherished Teddies collection at H.Samuel is ideal as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, to say 'Thank You' or just because. Cherished Teddies collectibles are also fun to collect and keep for yourself.

How Cherished Teddies are created

Each bear starts its life in the minds of artist Priscilla Hillman and her son Glenn. Their final drawings are sent overseas to the Cherished Teddies sculptors, who follow size and colour specifications indicated on the original artboard.

The sculptor studies the drawing and turns the original sketch into a 3 dimensional wax statue. It is then placed onto a board and a plastic case is placed over it. Silicone rubber is poured into the case to form the block mould and left to set. When the mould has set, it is removed from the case and is cut to remove the wax. From this mould an original aluminium master is cast. The original aluminium master is a mixture of liquid glue, ground porcelain and aluminium powder. When this is taken from the mould, any seams or bleed marks are cleaned off. This process is done by a Master Fettler.

Handcrafted Quality

From this aluminium master, product moulds are created from which all Cherished Teddies are cast. Liquid resin is poured into the production moulds and left to dry. Once dried, the white body is removed from the mould, inspected and any rough edges removed. Any attachments and under stamps are then applied before being hand painted.

As many as eight artists – often holding several brushes at once – hand paint the bear's clothing, patches, fur and adorable expressions, bringing Priscilla's concepts to life.

Perfect dedication

Each hand painted figurine is under stamped and comes with a Certificate of Adoption, fulfilling Priscilla's dreams that her precious Cherished Teddies find a special home with you.

Our Cherished Teddies collection is constantly updated and often features exclusives and limited editions, so check in regularly so that you don't miss out.

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