What kind of bride are you?

What kind of bride are you? - Bride Tribe - H.Samuel

The traditional wedding has long held a place in the hearts of women everywhere. A beautiful white dress, a church ceremony, a bouquet of elegant flowers and a tasteful reception – what's not to love?

From the venue to the gown, every wedding is a reflection of the bride herself and each one is unique. Although a traditional style wedding is an undisputed favourite, our recent Bride Tribe study reached out to women who've organised their own special day and revealed that only 45% of women identify themselves as a classic bride. These days, brides across the country are putting their own unique spin on traditional styles, using their special day to make a personal statement.

To find out more about changing wedding styles, we’ve analysed current trends and got the inside scoop on the current types of brides heading down the aisle. Which one do you relate to the most?

The Classic Bride

With a deep-rooted love of all things traditional, the classic bride sticks to the tried and tested method. We're talking a glamorous white dress, tying the knot in a church setting and following a specific order of service. A massive 45% of our respondents said they opted for a classic wedding, proving that tradition remains close to the nation's heart. These types of brides have fallen in love with the more traditional elements of a wedding, with 79% opting for time-honoured details, from the church to the order of speeches.

Bridesmaids of classic brides are dressed in the chicest styles, with 31% opting for a simple, understated A-line dress paired with silver jewellery (27%). A classic bride is not afraid to spend to achieve the look she envisages, with 17% of these ladies spending between £81 - £110 on each bridesmaid dress. When it comes to accessories, the classic bride doesn’t go OTT, preferring to kept it simple, with 26% spending nothing at all and 23% paying between £11-£30. The current trend for bridesmaid proposals aren’t for the classic bride either, with 85% spending nothing on this elaborate option.

The Vintage Bride

Old world glamour inspires this type of bride. Vintage detailing, timeless gowns and retro table decorations power her Pinterest board. We found 9% of brides went for a vintage style, with 42% of them favouring a traditional service and 14% expressing their love for a specific era. Whether the glitz of the 20s or 50s rock ‘n’ roll, for these brides it's all about capturing the spirit of their favourite decade on their big day.

When it comes to wooing her bridesmaids, the vintage bride saved her cash and spent nothing on proposing to her tribe (63%). Her focus was on the dresses, choosing to deck out her bridesmaids in A-line styles (23%) and cute tea dresses (16%). The gowns were most often complemented with silver jewellery (38%) which cost between £11-£30. She also kept prices low when buying her bridesmaid dresses, with 13% spending £51 - £80 on each gown.

The Princess Bride

For this type of bride, it's a case of the bigger the wedding, the better. Although almost half (48.9%) described themselves as nervous and full of butterflies ahead of the big day, the princess bride is awarded the bridezilla accolade, with 19% claiming they're absolute perfectionists when it comes to detail and not afraid to shut down their bridesmaids if they don’t stay in line.

Making a statement with a big dress and a sparkling tiara is one of the hallmarks of a princess bride. She'll splash out to make the day extra special, with 23% spending between £81 - £110 on individual bridesmaid dresses and a further 17% saying they spent between £141 - £170. She's a little more frugal when it comes to accessories, with 18% spending between £11 - £30.

She's also a modern bride and is totally in touch with contemporary trends, with more than a third (35%) of our princesses spending cash on bridesmaid proposals.

The Boho Bride

Boho style epitomises cool, carefree glamour and these brides are looking for no-fuss nuptials. More than a third (35%) of our boho brides described themselves as an 'anti-bride', saying no to wedding fairs and avoiding over-romanticised settings.

While the boho bride incorporates some tradition in her big day, 18% stated they're more likely to swap speeches for beaches and jet off to tie the knot in an exotic destination wedding (15%).

When it comes to choosing gowns and finishing touches for her bride tribe, this type of bride is savvy with her spending, taking care not to overspend on dresses and jewellery. Only 13% chose to spend between £51- £80 on an individual bridesmaid dress, while a resounding 35% spent nothing at all on accessories. A further 88% didn’t spend a penny on bridesmaid proposals either, once again bucking this modern-day trend. Instead, they showed how grateful they were for their bridesmaids' help, with 32% spending between £11-£30 on each thank you gift.

The relaxed carefree vibes of a boho wedding is reflected in the bridesmaid. Almost a third (28%) opted for comfortable, yet gorgeous ballet shoes and 20% dressed their tribe in relaxed A-line gowns.

The DIY Bride

Casual and stylish, the DIY bride is the most laid back of them all, with 30% describing themselves as the easy going last-minute type. Although 22% describe the theme of their wedding as traditional, they also love blending the old and the new, with 18% adding a touch of rustic style to their big day.

Their bride tribe sports a gorgeous, no-fuss A-line dress (29%), traditional roses (31%) and dainty kitten heels (18%). When dressing her bridesmaids, our DIY bride made some serious savings, spending £31 - £50 on individual dresses. A huge proportion (84%) spent nothing on proposing to their bridesmaids, and more were thrifty on thank you gifts, with 20% spending between £1 - £10 to express their gratitude. These savvy brides also spent the least on bridesmaids’ accessories, with 38% spending nothing at all on jewellery, shoes and bags.

Wedding styles changed dramatically in the last few years and our brides have transformed, too. These five types of brides are totally unique, each expressing who they are in the details of their special day. See if you recognise yourself in any of these bridal beauties and ask yourself, what kind of bride are you?

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