Guide to Spring Summer 2017

Guide to Spring Summer 2017

Remember that sun thing?

It makes the world shiny and warm. And makes flowers bloom into a million beautiful colours.

And seeing the sun means only one thing, spring is here!

And what has followed spring every year since the last ice age?

That’s right. SUMMER!

With that said, here is our definitive guide to the latest trends set to hit this year’s festivals, barbeques, weddings and shindigs over the spring and summer months:

Dainty Delicates and Luxury Lengths

Sporting a variety of delicate necklaces and pendants mixed with bold chains and jewels gives a distinctive style that will make you stand out from those rowdy festival crowds.

Get creative and find a style that suits you.

 Jewellery at H.Samuel

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Round Lariat Necklace £34.99 6083315 ; Sterling Silver Filigree Heart Locket £49.99 ; Chamilia Memory Locket £89 £44 4381378 ; Chamilia Sterling Silver Drop Necklace 91cm/36” £45 8025681

Fancy Filigree

Filigree is a form of delicate lattice work of gold and silver often seen in artwork and design across Asia. Our new Petali Di Amore Gold collection is a modern take on the classic technique.

Petali Di Amore, which means Petals of Love in Italian, consists of earrings, neckwear and bracelets using heart, butterfly and flower motifs – all carefully crafted in 9 carat gold.

 Jewellery at H.Samuel

9ct Gold Filigree Dragonfly Necklace £149 6114555 ; 9ct Gold Filigree Fancy Creole Earrings £149 6114342

Circles of Gold

These circular sparkles will add some much needed colour and shine to your summer in 2017. Circles of Gold incorporates beautifully intertwined links of gold in a combination of colours.

Our collection consists of earrings, neckwear and bracelets, all crafted by artisan jewellery craftsman in Italy.

 Jewellery at H.Samuel

9ct Gold Small Twisted Knot Earrings £59.99 £49.99 3881105 ; 9ct Gold 3 Colour Double Chain Triple Circle Knot Bracelet £149 6139914

Mix and Match Earrings

The classic studs and hoops will always be a staple in any wardrobe, however the newest trend is now to mix and match motifs, lengths and styles.

The catwalk, red carpet and high street alike are awash with people donning ear cuffs and single earrings, as well as a variety of designs differing from ear to ear.

Build your own set and your own look and be individual this coming season!

 Jewellery at H.Samuel

Sterling Silver 5mm Ball Single Stud Earring £4.99 6182216 ; Sterling Silver Circle & Triangle Mismatched Stud Earrings £7.99 6081878 ; Sterling Silver Lightning & Cloud Stud Earrings £14.99 6082327

Gorgeous Geometry

The geometric trend has been seen on the catwalk for a few seasons now and has finally angled its edges on the high street.

Our collection of circles, squares, triangles and rectangles offer a clean look at affordable prices, lending themselves to the minimalist look and layering alike – making this an easy-to-wear and easy-to-customize style.

 Jewellery at H.Samuel

Sterling Silver Double Triangle Hanging Pendant £19.99 6083293

Stacking Rings

Much like layering simply-styled necklaces and bracelets, stacking many elegantly plain rings is a fabulous way of creating your own style and look – and being unique!

 Jewellery at H.Samuel

Chamilia Silver One Thousand Wishes Stacking Ring Medium £25 3029468 ; Chamilia Silver Harmony Floral Stacking Ring Medium £35 3027031 ; Chamilia Swarovski Zirconia Tranquillity Stacking Ring Large £55 3029867 ; Chamilia Swarovski Zirconia Eternity Stacking Ring Medium £55 3027384 ; Chamilia Swarovski Zirconia Diva Stacking Ring Medium £40 3028801

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