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Watch Materials

What to consider with watch materials

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When choosing your watch, it is imperative to consider the materials for the case, strap and crystal. Here are some of the most popular watch materials:

Ceramic has become an increasingly strong theme over the last few years at Baselworld. Not only does it consist of a sleek and polished finish, it is also durable and extremely scratch resistant.

Gold-plated watches give the appearance of solid gold without the expense.

Rose gold-plated is fast becoming a popular choice among fashion watches.

Precious metals such as platinum, silver and 9ct and 18ct gold in yellow, white, rose also play their part as a watch material.

Resin, which feels like plastic or rubber, is another great material used by brands for cases.

Titanium is a newer choice that is becoming popular because it's as durable as stainless steel, prevents tarnishing and discoloration so your watch looks great for longer.

Leather Strap with varied colours and styles, a leather strap is typically a lightweight option which is economical to replace and keeps the watch looking new.