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Some male penguins are a little smarter than others.

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10 Fun Facts About Penguins

1. Male penguins search through piles of pebbles to find the perfect one which they then gift to their intended companion. If she likes it, she treasures the pebble by putting it in her nest.

2. No penguins live in the North Pole.

3. If a female Emperor Penguin’s baby dies, she will often “kidnap” an unrelated chick.

4. Penguins are flightless birds.

5. Penguins cannot breathe underwater but can hold their breath for up to 20 minutes!

6. Penguins have a layer of fat under their skin called “blubber”, to help them stay warm.

7. Penguin’s black and white plumage serves as camouflage while swimming. The black plumage on their back is hard to see from above, while the white plumage on their front looks like the sun reflecting off the surface of the water when seen from below.

8. Penguins eat seafood and if you look closely the end of a penguin’s bill is shaped like a hook, which is perfect for grabbing dinner.

9. When penguins find a mate, they bond with each other by touching necks and slapping each other on the back with their flippers. They also sing to one another so they learn to recognise each other’s voices.

10. When penguins find a mate, they stay together forever.

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