Occasion Graduation

Graduation Gift Guide

Graduation is such a momentous milestone that should be celebrated in style with a heartfelt graduation gift and we're here to help you show how proud you are of their achievements.

Graduation most commonly refers to leaving university with a degree, but it can also be a fantastic way to celebrate and reward finishing a college course, or passing important exams at any age.

The Passing of Time

A new watch is a traditional option for a Graduation gift. Symbolising the passing of time, whether they're heading off to university or finding their way into the world of work, a stylish new watch can be one of the first significant style pieces they ever own. You could opt for classic styles for timeless appeal, or a fashion focused watch to suit their personal style; there are many options available.

Consider watches with added details such as sparkling diamonds, innovative technology and precious metal plating to make the gift even more luxurious and special.

Fine Jewellery for a Fine Occasion

Fine jewellery is also a wonderful gift option to symbolise their transition into adulthood, as this may be the first time they own a valuable piece of jewellery they'll treasure for a lifetime. Stud earrings are a fantastic option that looks professional for interviews and work. Other smart and stunning options include a pair of diamond solitaire studs or creamy pearl earrings that adds a touch of effortless, minimalist chic to any outfit.

An elegant gold chain is a timeless piece of jewellery for young men and women that can be matched to any outfit. They could wear it by itself for formal occasions, or layer it with other pieces to help create a signature style! A ring may be a wonderful way they can take the memories with them wherever they go. Sparkling diamonds from Cherished are a pretty addition to any jewellery collection, while a classic signet ring or band style ring is a significant gifting option for him.

A Charmed Life

We have a wonderful range of charms and beads to go on charm bracelets to celebrate a graduation, which can be added to on other milestone occasions. Chamilia jewellery is unique and reflects personal lifestyles, while Charmed memories offer classic mortarboard hats to more generic 'Good Luck' beads. Whatever the message, a charm bracelet and bead selection can help you say it better.

The Personal Touch

Personalised products are a great way to celebrate their special day! Personalised mugs with their name and graduation date are a lovely option they can take, when they move on to university or the workplace. Personalised pens or notepads are a useful gift and be something they continue to use as they put their great results to good use.

A personalised photoframe is a lovely way to display those professional or family photos and remember the day for years to come. A commemorative frame or plaque can also proudly display their amazing achievements!

The hard work has been put in, and the results have been achieved, and now it's time to celebrate!