Anniversary Gemstone Guide

Anniversary Gemstones and Jewellery

Silver and gold wedding anniversaries are well known, marking the milestones of twenty five and fifty years of marriage respectively. A gemstone anniversary list was endorsed by the Jewellers of America and many other gem associations, matching each anniversary year to a specific gemstone or metal. It differs from the traditional anniversary gift list, allowing you to get to the good gifts quicker – making anniversary shopping much easier and far more enjoyable!

55th anniversary: alexandrite

This gem is named for a Russian czar, and after 55 years, it's likely you are treating each other like royalty. Alexandrite's most striking feature is its ability to change colour, in incandescent light it appears a purplish red and under fluorescent or day-light it appears teal or greenish blue.

60th anniversary: diamond

You've been together a long time; your love and commitment to each other can never be doubted. It might be time for someone else, perhaps your children or grandchildren, to show their love and pride with a gift of diamond jewellery. Look into something that's easier to fasten – some older hands might need a bit of help. Celebrate with style, you've earned it.

70th anniversary: platinum jubilee

The 70th anniversary is the platinum jubilee. Platinum is a hard and rare white metal, symbolising the rarity of the eternal love and commitment you have shared with your spouse for seventy years. Maybe a bracelet or necklace would be the perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

75th anniversary: sapphire

The 75th anniversary is the Sapphire jubilee, so celebrate with a sapphire bracelet or ring either in blue or in a different colour, representing the variety of life you have experienced together.

80th anniversary: ruby

The 80th anniversary is the ruby jubilee. If she doesn't have a ruby ring or pin by now, this is the perfect time to give her one.