Anniversary Guide

14th Anniversary

Fourteenth wedding anniversaries were traditionally celebrated with a gift of ivory. Ivory originates from the tusks and teeth of animals, such as elephants, boars and even whale. It has become a fairly controversial material, and modern pieces are banned from being produced or sold, this is because the way it was sourced contributed to the decline in animal populations. As an alternative, many people still stick to tradition by opting for gifts that are the colour of ivory instead of made from it. Ivory coloured jewellery, watches and pearls are a wonderful option to choose when looking for an anniversary present, as this simple colour goes well with almost any outfit.

Gold is recognised as the modern gift choice for fourteenth wedding anniversaries. This gorgeous material is associated with luxury and wealth, and is favoured by many couples when choosing wedding jewellery and rings. With choices of yellow, white and rose gold, you have a wide variety of styles to choose from.

While yellow gold jewellery is the more traditional colour choice, white gold jewellery is a sleek and sophisticated option that is rapidly becoming a more contemporary choice. Rose gold jewellery is a more modern option and has become a popular choice after it became a key fashion watch trend. With beautiful collections of rose gold-plated watches for both men and women, you can build your gifting options with both watches and jewellery.

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