Anniversary Guide

100th Anniversary – 10ct Diamond

You have reached the epitome of all anniversaries – your one-hundredth wedding anniversary. Your relationship together is a pure reflection of the quality of life, outstanding commitment and unconditional love, and it is suggested it should be celebrated with a 10ct Diamond gift!

Diamonds are the most popular of precious stones as they reflect sheer beauty, elegance and value of this truly remarkable highlight of your lives. 10 carat diamonds are incredibly large and rare, which makes them more desirable and luxurious. Their huge value and pricetag makes them a firm favourite with celebrity couples who are looking for bigger and bolder ways to lavish their loved one!

Although 10 carat is the modern and traditional gift for this amazing anniversary, it might be quite a stretch to choose this as your gift on this grand occasion, especially if you are not living a celebrity lifestyle! However, all diamonds, whatever their size, are beautiful, rare and as unique as the individual wearing them. On this special anniversary, you can shop for any diamond you feel is right for your partner. One can never have too many diamonds, and if you are wanting a larger size of stone, look at our range of high-quality 0.75 carat and above diamond jewellery to pick one of the most special gifts you will ever present to the love of your life.

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