Metals Guide - Palladium 500 and 950

A Guide To Buying Palladium 500 & 950

Metals Guide -Palladium 500 and 950

What is the difference between palladium 500 and 950?

It is a legal requirement for palladium weighing 1g+ to be stamped at the assay office with either 500 or 950 to clarify how much palladium is actually in the item.

To put simply, if a piece of palladium jewellery has been stamped with 500 – it means it contains 50% palladium and the rest has been made up of other alloys. If it’s marked with 950 – it means it contains 95% palladium and 5% other alloys.

You should be able to physically see this discreetly engraved on your jewellery – in a ring, it usually shows in the inner circle, where it can’t be seen when worn – for more information, read our Hallmarks guide.