Metals Guide - Other Materials- Glass

Guide to Glass

Metals Guide - Other Materials- Glass

Glass is not just useful for crafting drinking vessels and windows, it can be crafted to make spectacular pieces of glass jewellery including, earrings and beads. It is an amorphous solid, developed in the late Roman Empire and has had various uses throughout history. Glass is often considered brittle, however if cared for properly it is extremely durable – think of the beauty of old churches with stain-glass windows.

Glass can be moulded and formed into any shape and is very popular in container vessels such as vases, bowls, bottles, jars and drinking glasses. In its most solid form, glass is popular for use in beads which makes for beautiful jewellery pieces, particularly for charm bracelets.

The natural beauty of glass comes from its reflection and refraction of light and its appearance is enhanced, by cutting and polishing in different ways, such as the creation of fine glassware.

In addition, glass can be painted or coloured with metallic salts, which is commonly done for decorative and artistic purposes. The special touches and finishes that can be applied to glass, enable an array of beautiful and intricate glass jewellery.