Metals Guide - Other Materials

A Guide to Other Materials

Whilst a great deal of jewellery is made with precious metals, many other materials can also be used to create unique and sophisticated pieces at an affordable price. Why not explore some of the other fabulous materials used in our jewellery.

A guide to crystal


The word 'crystal' was derived from the Greek term 'Crystallos' from 'Krysos' which is loosely translated as frosty and ice cold. The Ancient Greeks believed that crystal was a form of ice that was so cold that it wouldn't melt.

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A guide to glass


Glass is not just useful for crafting drinking vessels and windows, it can be crafted to make spectacular pieces of glass jewellery including, earrings and beads. It is an amorphous solid, developed in the late Roman Empire and has had various uses throughout history.

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A guide to leather


Leather has played a key role in the development of civilisation. Dating back to prehistoric times, man has used the durable and flexible piece of material to make clothing, shoes and belts as well as other important necessities.

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