Synthetic Stones Guide

Synthetic Stone Gemstones

There are many options used by jewellery designers to get the look of gemstones that are generally more economical especially when creating big bold jewellery looks. Brands such as Swarovski are leading the way with big name fashion design houses in making these stones a sought after commodity and an option we can all afford to indulge in! Whether it's a Swarovski ring or a Cubic Zirconia Earring adding bling and sparkle to your outfit has never been easier.

Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia is perhaps the best known of the man-made stones. Often used to look like synthetic diamonds, it is actually a synthesised form of Zirconium dioxide. It is a hard and eye flawless material, usually created colourless but can be a number of different colours.
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Swarovski elements
Since its founding in 1895, Swarovski has been the authority in manufacturing crystal. Swarovski Elements is its leading brand of crystal and the 'MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS' label as a guarantee of its authenticity. Leading the way in innovation to reduce the traditional lead in Man made crystals while still retaining their sparkle and high precision, they are often considered the highest quality crystal. Crystals have a similar appearance to diamonds and are regularly used as a cheaper alternative in jewellery.
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While naturally occurring crystals come from the quartz family, man made crystals have been cut and faceted from a special type of glass that has had lead added. The lead (typically 24% or more of it's composition) gives crystal it's weight, a better light refraction for enhanced sparkle, it also makes it malleable and suitable for cutting into individually crafted stones
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Also known as a rhinestone, diamante is an imitation diamond made from; rock crystal, glass or even acrylic.
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