Radiance Reds Gemstones Guide

Gemstone Picks – Radiant Reds

Red gemstones

Red gemstone jewellery shows off a prominent splash of colour that emits warmth, energy and passion. From pretty light pink and to bold fiery reds, these gemstones have something for every taste, personality and budget.

ruby is the iconic deep-red gemstone although, ruby often evokes images of a striking red colour, they range in shades from dark red to pink, with deeper colours being higher in value. They technically have the same mineral composition as sapphires and only differ in their colour. Ruby is the birthstone for July and the anniversary gemstone to celebrate 40 years.
Garnets are actually a group of six species, with similar chemical compositions. You'll find garnets in reds, as well as greens and dark pink. But as the birthstone for January garnet the deep-red variety is its most popular variety.
Fire Opal
Fire opal is a red-orange gemstone. Unlike the more common opal varieties, fire opal can be translucent and has a vivid body of colour giving it a radiant warmth and fiery energy. Opal is the birthstone for October and fire opal would make an unusual and stunning gift.

Whether you're looking for a soft red glow or a fiery statement piece, you have a delightful array of red gemstones to choose from.

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