Marcasite Gemstone Guide

Marcasite Gemstone

Marcasite and pyrite are both minerals of iron sulphide. They are both very similar minerals however there are a few scientific differences. When marcasite is used within jewellery industry the likely hood is that it is actually pyrite, but the term marcasite is used. Marcasite is not used in jewellery because it is too brittle. Marcasite jewellery often creates a beautiful vintage look.


Pyrite, the mineral which is used to make marcasite jewellery has a yellow gold colour and a metallic lustre; it is this which has earned it the nickname fool's gold. In jewellery however, the pyrite used to make marcasite jewellery can appear as a silvery dark metallic lustre with shiny mirror like facets.

Sourcing marcasite

Marcasite or pyrite is sourced worldwide. Some of the more notable deposits are found in Mexico, Peru and China.

Caring for marcasite

Store your marcasite jewellery in a soft cloth pouch to prevent damage and scratching to other jewellery. To clean wipe gently with a damp cloth. Avoid the use of household chemicals.