Drusy Gemstone Guide

Drusy Gemstone

Drusy is a coating of fine sugar like crystals formed on a rock surface, it occurs on a variety of different coloured minerals around the world. The fine microcrystals create a rainbow like shimmer that makes fantastic jewellery. It is often worn as a statement piece for special occasions or as a bold fashion statement.


Drusy is found in a huge range of vivid colours from bright white to violet, pink, green or blue. The colour is dependent on the mineral that they are formed from. Almost all Drusy is naturally occurring; not heat treated or enhanced as many other gemstones with such vivid colours are.

Sourcing drusy

Drusy is formed on many different minerals and is therefore found all around the world.

Caring for drusy

Drusy is a hard and durable gemstone, however it should be kept separately in a soft cloth pouch to avoid damage and scratching to other jewellery. It should be kept out of extreme heat and direct sunlight to prevent permanent damage and discolouration. To clean use warm soapy water and a soft brush and avoid household chemicals.

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