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Brilliant Blues Gemstones

Blue is a gorgeous colour that is suited to everyone; and blue gemstone jewellery is no exception. For those who count blue as their favourite colour, take a look at these gemstones that will give you a case of the blues – in a great way! Find your perfect shade of blue

Versatile and popular in many settings and designs, aquamarine is a more affordable choice of blue gem than sapphires. This precious stone appears in shades of blue with hints of cyan and green; its subtle differences in shade, makes it the perfect gemstone to match pretty much any colour scheme you have in mind. If you're gearing up to celebrate a March birthday or mark nineteen years of marriage, aquamarine is the anniversary gemstone for you.
Lapis Lazuli is not always considered as a jewellery gemstone, but this deep-blue stone's characteristics hold plenty of appeal for lovers of blue. It's also the "official" stone for the ninth wedding anniversary
When most people think of a blue gemstone, sapphire comes to mind. This beautiful dark blue gemstone is a timeless choice that looks right at home in almost any setting, whether paired with diamonds in an engagement ring or set in an opulent gold necklace in modern or traditional designs. It is also the gemstone given to mark a forty-fifth wedding anniversary or to celebrate a September birthday.
When tanzanite was first discovered, it was mistaken for sapphire because of its extreme blue tone. It's usually heated to intensify its bright-blue colour and is a truly eye-catching addition to any jewellery collection or to mark extra special occasion.
Blue is the most popular colour within the variety of topaz gemstones, with a range of hues from sky-blue to deep shades. Topaz is colourless to begin with; it then undergoes a diffusion process, heat treating the surface of the stone to give it its vibrant, eye-catching colour. This gorgeous blue gemstone the November birthstone, but is versatile enough for any occasion.
Turquoise is a beautiful, tropical shade of blue, with specimens that range from pale to bold or even a little on the greenish side. You can find turquoise popping up in more innovative jewellery designs but it's also often used in fashion accessories.
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