Celebration Grand - An ideal cut diamond designed to shine bigger and bolder

Introducing the Celebration Grand - Our ideal cut diamond, expertly designed to appear visibily larger and outshine diamonds of the same carat weight.


The ideal cut diamond was established by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. The facets are exactly symmetrical in relation to one another, and all facets meet at precise points in alignment.
This means that there are no areas in the diamond where light can leak out.  
The "ideal cut" is the benchmark for the industry.
The Celebration Grand outshines diamonds of the same carat weight, because it’s expertly cut to be visibly larger.
Increasing the diameter just 0.4mm creates a 14% grander surface area compared to a standard round diamond. Therefore, the Celebration Grand can capture and reflect more light to maximize brilliance and beauty. The light is then dispersed across 58 precisely ideal cut facets, resulting in 8 perfect hearts and arrows and a spectacularly larger look that everyone around you will notice.


Celebration Grand diamonds are individually certified and detailed on their own personal certification cards. Every Celebration Grand diamond is accompanied by two certificates; one is the diamond’s birth certificate, identifying all the qualities that make it unique and certifies the 4 C’s of the diamond. This reassures customers that they are getting a quality product. Celebration Grand diamonds are a minimum colour I and minimum I1 clarity. Only the centre stones are Celebration Grand.
The second certificate is the Firetrace report showing the rating for the three light performance measures. All Celebration Grand diamonds must achieve an excellent rating on each of these metrics.


Each Celebration Grand diamond's unique certification number is laser-inscribed on the girdle of the diamond for extra security. Celebration Grand is also inscribed onto the girdle of the diamond.

Each Celebration Grand diamond ring is presented in beautiful packaging.